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Posted: 10/30/2006 2:09:14 PM EST

Wasn't it last Christmas that Target refused to let the Salvation Army ring their bells in front of their stores?

Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veterans Association wrote.

"Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud
sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during our
spring recognition event.

We received the following reply
from the local TARGET management:
" Veterans do not meet our
area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action
groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education."

So I'm thinking, if the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and
veterans in general, do not meet their donation criteria,
then something is really wrong at this TARGET store. We were
not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, just
a small sponsorship for a memorial remembrance.

As a follow-up, I E-mailed the TARGET U.S. Corporate
Headquarters and their response was the same.
That's their
national policy.

Then I looked into the company further.
They will not allow
the Marines to collect for 'Toys for Tots' at any of their
stores. And during the recent Iraq deployment, they would
not allow families of employees who were called up for
active duty to continue their insurance coverage while
they were on military service. Then as I dig further,

is a French-owned corporation .

Now, I'm thinking again. If TARGET cannot support American
Veterans, then why should my family and I support their
stores by spending our hard earned America! n dollars!

have their profits sent to France.

Without the American
Vets, where would France be today?

"They, most likely would be speaking German and trading in Deutsch Marks"

Dick Forrey
Veterans Helping Veterans

Please send this on to everyone you know
to let Target know
we don't need them either !

Link Posted: 10/30/2006 2:19:21 PM EST
I have not shopped there since I heard that last year, the french have not been worth a F*%k in over 200 years (with a very few exceptions) I boycott everything and anything from france and will continue to do so until they prove themselves worthy of our respect again. Which I suspect will be NEVER!
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 3:06:44 PM EST
Thank you for the heads up. My wife has always insisted at shopping at Target over my objections but this is the straw that broke the camels back. Remember wal-mart is cheaper, American owned and supports the second amendment. Plus they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to family values.

Sorry, I did not mean to make this a commercial for Wal-Mart but I just wanted to contrast their policies to Target.
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 4:14:33 PM EST
F#@K target,
Not a cent from me, my family or friends.
Please let us make sure we spread the word to all we know.

Joe M.

Link Posted: 10/30/2006 4:17:46 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 4:20:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2006 4:22:16 PM EST by WildBoar]

Please send this on to everyone you know ...

9 out of 10 times that means stop reading, or what you have read is complete and utter bullsh*t.

People will believe any e-mail because if you tailor it right and according to ones presuppositions, it will pass as fact.

I think most of that e-mail has been debunked. x infinity

Link Posted: 10/30/2006 4:29:18 PM EST

Originally Posted By meltdown:
Thanks for setting that straight. I still don't like the French!
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 3:57:52 AM EST

Originally Posted By brothermike:

Originally Posted By meltdown:
Thanks for setting that straight. I still don't like the French!

I don't like the french either, but I DO like Target and perfer to shop there over Wally-world, which has headed into the shitter since Sam Walton passed on.
Witness the number of stores that no longer sell guns or ammo and ask anyone in the store that isn't a manager how well the corporation treats its employees... you'll be surprised.
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 6:10:16 AM EST
From snopes:

Target's stated policy is that they provide grants at the corporate level for programs involving the arts, education, and family violence prevention, and donates at the local level to a variety of charitable causes. The line about Target's responding to inquiries by stating that they provide corporate grants only for 'gay and lesbian causes' is a falsity added to later versions of the message.

The Target Corporation is a publicly held, U.S.-based firm which has been headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since it began as the Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1902. Target is not now, nor has it ever been, foreign-owned. (A French-based financial institution, AXA, holds about 42 million shares of Target stock, but that holding constitutes less than 5% of Target Corporation's outstanding shares.)

Although Target stores do not directly participate in the in-store collection of toys for the Toys for Tots charity sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, the Target Corporation contributes to that charity by providing discounts to groups who buy toys for it.

Target Corporation has been recognized by the National Committee for Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve (ESGR) as an "Outstanding Employer" which has "gone above and beyond the requirements of the law in support of their National Guard and Reserve employees." Target employees who are activated for military service and were participating in optional dependent coverage at the time of their deployment are eligible to continue these benefits if they so choose. Target Corporation also allows any Target team member to continue benefits as provided by the 1986 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).

In 2004 Target banned Salvation Army workers from soliciting contributions on its premises — see our "Sally Ann Ban" article for details.

I work asset protection at target, and can tell you exactly why Target does not allow Salvation Army workers to stand out front and ask for money. It is Target policy, to not allow ANY solicitation on Target property. Why? To give the customers a hassle free visit.
On a daily basis, I chase away homeless people begging for money, people passing out fliers and so on. Target doesnt want people to go somewhere else to avoid the parking lot solicitation.

Besides, Target stores themselves donates more money than the salvation army could raise.

Target is not french either. Unlike walmart, customer service at Target is a top priority, at least at the store I work at in Orlando. (The one on Maguire/Colonial-Next to the fashion square mall)

Also, if you go into a target and listen to an employee on their radio(each employee has a walkie for customer service reasons) they refer to people as "guests" no "customers" because that's how target wants people to feel. A different atmostphere compared to Walmart.
Just something to think about.
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 7:51:59 AM EST
No red for me.
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 10:39:20 AM EST
Did I read that right, they donate to GAY AND LESBIAN causes but not VETERANS? What a fucking joke. I'll never set foot in that store again.
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 11:07:47 AM EST

Originally Posted By Accord:
Did I read that right, they donate to GAY AND LESBIAN causes but not VETERANS? What a fucking joke. I'll never set foot in that store again.

Might want to try reading a few posts in the middle..... It is all explained here in the following link www.snopes.com/politics/military/target.asp
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 12:19:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2006 12:21:07 PM EST by 1phantomphixer]
If I gave something to a "guest" in my house, I sure as hell wouldn't charge them for it. Does Target feel the same about their "guests"? I don't patronize Targets but it has nothing to do with the BS espoused in this thread.
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 2:10:43 PM EST
PK Guns needs to edit his first post so people READ before they respond -- everyone needs to learn how to Snopes.com something before forwarding it or posting it ....

Not to mention the fact that he has posted this twice:


Link Posted: 10/31/2006 3:34:11 PM EST
I stand corrected, before I posted the message I should have checked my facts instead of believing what others told me.
Please see the following link:

Link Posted: 10/31/2006 6:14:50 PM EST
F**k that place
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 5:29:45 AM EST
This thread is why BS urban legends are so popular.

Most people beleive anything.
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 8:34:39 AM EST

Originally Posted By HollowPoint40:
F**k that place

And again why the first post needs to be edited -- people don't READ -- just react!

ADMIN -- dump this post already ....
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 10:04:38 AM EST
And to think I was boycotting them just because their name is "Target" and they don't sell ammo.

Like so many other mass-email hysteria inducing legends of corporate evil, I chocked this one up to BS right away. There are plenty of reasons to hate large corporations without a bunch of exploitive crap. Where reason fails to convince, marketers and propogandists turn to emotional triggers. The manipulation drives me nuts.
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