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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/19/2005 5:36:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/19/2005 5:37:06 PM EDT by tweeter]
it was honking its' horn, the lights were all flashing and it was headed right for my house... i grabbed a flashlight and started getting my wife ready to get us out of the house. i started looking around with the light for smoke and sniffing the air, i couldn't find a fire though.

then i hear music... the firefighters are caroling. they were singing and playing music and they had a guy dressed up as Santa waving from the top of the truck.

my wife and i were dazed when one of these guys runs up and hands us a pair of candy canes... then we watched them take the fire engine and run on down the street. just running around singing and handing out candy canes and having a pretty good time... no fire.

my hat's off to those boys... that was pretty cool.

Link Posted: 12/19/2005 5:50:35 PM EDT
They do that in my neighborhood every year too...it's pretty cool.
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 5:54:28 PM EDT
I say shoot them for trespassing *lol*

...kidding. They don't do that around here. That makes me sad

Link Posted: 12/19/2005 5:56:38 PM EDT
Years ago, when my children were young, my in-laws lived in Richmond Beach, now part of Shoreline. Every Christmas morning a fire truck would make its rounds of the neighborhood, complete with Santa and candy canes for all the children.

Everyone on the block would be out in their new bathrobes with a cup of coffee in hand, wishing each other the best of the Season. It was always one of the things we looked forward to every year.

They couldn't be with their own families that morning, so they shared their Christmas spirit and joy of the season with all of us, people that they served and protected throughout the year.

It's things like that that make a bunch of streets and houses into a neighborhood.
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 6:00:22 PM EDT
Thats pretty cool....

"I am Freakin' out man!!"
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 8:48:09 PM EDT
Do they get paid for doing that?
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 8:57:25 PM EDT

Originally Posted By RedDawg6:
Do they get paid for doing that?

Doubt it....
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 9:07:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By R-32:

Originally Posted By RedDawg6:
Do they get paid for doing that?

Doubt it....

Sure they do! The looks on the kids faces should be enough!
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