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Posted: 10/6/2007 3:41:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/12/2007 1:17:20 PM EST by TruckinAR]
I know it is late, but a few guys from ADV rider and myself are gonna do a 70% off road trail ride tomorrow morning.
From Lumberton to Maxton, and then to the North side of Rockingham.
We are meeting at the BP at exit 14 on I-95 (west side of exit) between 0930 and 1000.
The trail head is across the street from the BP.
If ya wanna come let me know here or in a PM.

BTW, you WILL need a tagged bike to do this.


link 2
Link Posted: 10/7/2007 2:04:04 PM EST
You sissys missed out!
Link Posted: 10/12/2007 1:16:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/12/2007 1:19:38 PM EST by TruckinAR]
here are a few pix of the ride we had.

Here come 3 of the 5 DirtHoolagins , I was there and one other was a bit behind schedule.

We were still waiting on the last fella, and Englishman who loives in Wilmington

This guy is 50+ years old and I cant lose him!

First thing we ride on after a 100 yard road ride is this
pretty deep sand, even though it dosen't look like it ... kind like beach sand.


Guy named Dan.. the late one

After this we hit a single track, no pics as the guy with the best camera (er.. willing to stop and take pix) ate it.. so we rode on to a double track. No pix, for the same reason as above
Just after exiting the double trail
Fixing said crash A 50+ yr old (blue with hair, and he 23 yr old NO HAIR.

Then we hit the trail. roughly 20 miles of this with some deep whoops, sand whoops mind you ... so we took a breather, drank some H2O.

Other side of rest area... I think we can get through this.. aint too deep

Off to Laurenburg for Lunch the Older fellow (Tommy) had stashed some food and a grill somewhere on his farm, and made us earn it

Parking Lot for Dual Sports

The grilling begins... well... not really as Tom had left the MatchLight charcol out in the sun and all the junk inside evaporated...
Trying to get it lit....

I know how to get it going... GAS BABY!! The fuel line is easy to remove on my scooter, so I fill a bit in a water bottle

Success! hmmmmmm, Red Hots and hot doggies!

Lunch is over time to ride the tracks....

......and see this...yes that is the BOTTOM SIDE of a train car.. 1 of 3

Well, we checked out the train crash, and headed about 5 miles from the "Rock" (Nascar track thing a ma jobby)
This is where we stopped and parted ways along with 100 of our NON ATGATT Harley buddies

WAIT.. I forgot to tell you... if you ride these trails you will need the bare essentials to get you through safely

See ya...
If anyone ever wishes to do this ride let me know, I am always up to it.

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