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Posted: 2/25/2016 5:48:58 PM EDT
I have a friend who needs to get a pardon in Maryland for a misdemeanor charge from 20 years ago. The charge was a misdemeanor, but it was punishable by up to 3 years in prison (Yes, there are misdemeanors in some states that are punishable by over 1 year in prison). He didn't get any jail time, but the possibility of punishment of over 2 years makes him a prohibited person. He's pursued expungement in Maryland to no avail. Now he is seeking a governor's pardon in Maryland. Does anybody know of any attorneys in Maryland who are gun-friendly and experienced in seeking pardons?

Thanks in advance for your help. This guy is very passionate about firearms and being a prohibited person is killing his soul.
Link Posted: 2/25/2016 7:21:06 PM EDT
I have a friend in the same situation. The pardon application is online. It is long. Not sure you need an attorney. My friend hasnt done the app yet, but i told him now is probably the best time. Repub govs in md arent that common (if it even matters).
Link Posted: 6/19/2016 10:32:57 AM EDT
I dont know how Hogan's office will handle pardons, but im told that under previous administrations, pardons were granted with the disclaimer that the pardon did not apply to gun rights.
Link Posted: 6/20/2016 11:17:52 AM EDT
...I haven't even PCS'd yet and I already can't wait to leave Maryland.
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