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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/17/2006 6:20:50 PM EST
Hi folks, I am entertaining a job offer in Farmington. Wondered what the locals might have to say about it.

I would sure miss MT/ID but it could turn out to be a good career move.

I have lived in small and often rural places all my life (except college). So that is nothing new. I am familiar with the geography having spent a fair amount of time in that "neck of the woods". I have forgotten most of the Spainish I learned, but only had elementary reading and less speaking at best.

How's the hunting? I hear most outdoor recreation, paddling, mtn biking etc.. are all good.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 5:53:39 PM EST
Spent about a month in Farmington last year for my job. Nice little town, but you will use your Navajo speaking skills long before you will need any Spanish. Great little bar in downtown Farmington, cant remember the name but you cant miss it, if you like beer try the 'Honey Ale'. Did not get to try it out myself but hear the hunting and fishing are outstanding. Saw a huge buck wandering around in town early in the morning. One of my good buds just moved there from Texarkana to work for an oil company, will probably be up there myself coming this summer for a week or so. Probably one of the better places to live in NM that wont cost you an arm and a leg.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 8:11:58 PM EST
Three Rivers Brewery, you're thinking of.

I was a prosecutor in Farmington from '93-'95. It was a great place to live, for the most part. It was the most "American" part of New Mexico that I've lived in - the work ethic reminded me of back home in Indiana.

I have to say that there seemed to be a lot of unfortunate and undeserved prejudice against the Navajos. Not by everybody, but by a noticeable number of folks. Among other incidents, I remember being treated grossly differently when I was having lunch with a Navajo buddy of mine - bear in mind that the two of us were both lawyers who'd come down from the courthouse in suits and ties, and that we were acting completely respectably. My friend said that was just how it was.

But there are a lot of good folks in Farmington, and the area has one of the better economies in this relatively depressed state. It's near all kinds of different terrain - just a great place to enjoy the outdoors. You'll find some of the best fishing and mountain biking in the state right there, hunting is good nearby and paddling's pretty fair (some class V water, depending on time of the year). You're also very near all sorts of great outdoors stuff in the other three Four Corners states, and the Navajo, Ute, Hopi and Jicarilla Apache rezes are nearby for neat cultural diversity (I took a Navajo language class at San Juan Community College while I was living in Farmington - reminded me of classical Mongol).

Anyway, feel free to PM or email me if you have any Qs about the place. I still have friends there and visit from time-to-time.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 4:31:21 PM EST
Thanks fellas, doesn't sound half bad. I just noticed that I can't even spell Spanish.....I am working in Nez Perce country right now, I haven't noticed much blatant discrimination here. I know everyone is a little jealous of their casino money and they grumble about the various nations claiming sovreign rights to just about everything.

With 40k people and a large county population, even a small university I think it will have all I need and then some.

All that's left to do is call around and make sure the job is what they say and see what I might really be getting myself into. Finding a job for ms. anomad will be another story.

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