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Posted: 4/18/2007 5:21:41 PM EDT
got a set of tires from them. it's a special order and and the tires came in but they forgot to tell me. so i wait a week and call them back and they said yea, they are in so i drive over and they put them on. they say they will read flat for a few miles and not to worry. i didn't know you could reset the wheels with the magnet trick so i drive out with four "flat" tires. i get home and one is still reading flat so i check it with a tire gauge and sure enough it's 35 PSIG. so i get up in the morning and the DIC "alarms" but the gauge reads 35. drive the 30 odd miles into work and when i get there i check it and it's 35 PSIG. so i think faulty or broken sensor. it alarms on the drive back home and i check it when i get home and sure enough it's fine but the DIC is still reading flat.

on the way back inside the house i glance at the other tire on the opposite side and DAMN! it's flat as a pancake! so i fire up the car and it's off to discount tire. they pump it up and say it's fine. i say BS! it's been flat and running flat for 60 miles and the sidewall looks dark and lost rigidity. the rim is resting on the tire like a regular "flat" tire. this is a brand new $350.00 tire and you will get me a new one. the manager comes over and says it was there fault. they used the wrong type of wheel weight and it caused a leak between the wheel and sidewall. He says one will be in tomorrow they will call me when it comes in.

so i say cool. three days go by and i call them. they say it's in and i can come by and pick it up. i put it on and they first of all won't believe that it's a bad tire. so now i am pissed. we drive the car up on the lift and pull the valve stem so they can see the lack of rigidity in the sidewall. they still want to roll the tire around and ogle it for about 20 minutes before fixing it and when it's done want to charger me the standard $20.00 fee to work on the car and i just went off on them.

in the end i get the new tire put on for free and leave with only a minor head ache.
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 6:08:59 PM EDT
Discount Tire is the ONLY dealer I will buy from.

I have been through lots of road hazard replacements and while they could give me a lot of guff for all the chewed up tires and nails / screws in sidewalls, they just fix me up and roll me out with a smile.

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