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Page Hometown » Ohio
Posted: 9/9/2004 6:35:07 PM EDT
... we'll show you who's carrying guns. Your friends, your neighbors ... blah blah, blah ... "

Anybody wanna bet that this will be another slam job?

Just saw the promo on Ch 24.

Link Posted: 9/9/2004 8:09:01 PM EDT
any updates on the story?
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 10:02:33 PM EDT
I'm interested too. I'm at work and have no TV here but do have the computer if there are links handy. Thanks
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 10:50:50 PM EDT
Id like to see this list of names too. God only knows what my neighbors might be carrying or what arsenal of deadly devices meant only for destruction they have locked away in their safes.

Id sleep better at night knowing who these hometown commandos are. The more we can make these people feel like outcasts the closer we will be to our Utopian society
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 4:24:45 AM EDT
Well, my VCR malfunctioned, so I didn't get to see it.
But here's what's on their website:

Permit Holders Name D.O.B County of Residence
Abbey, Kenneth A 4/1/1976 Lucas
Abdoney, Hassen 9/6/1969 Lucas
Achinger, Joseph W 5/26/1945 Lucas
Ajami, Mohamad A 12/17/1965 Lucas
Akers, Helen J 8/31/1945 Lucas
Al-Abdulla, Bassem R 8/1/1958 Lucas
Alexander, Gregory P 6/10/1971 Lucas
Allen, Blaine W 2/11/1939 Lucas
Alonzo, Nicholas 6/25/1980 Lucas
Ames, Mark V 11/1/1949 Lucas
Aridi, Adam 7/11/1960 Lucas
Ashcraft, Thomas R 4/19/1966 Wood
Assally, Fred J 11/19/1945 Lucas
Aswad, Amer S 1/20/1979 Lucas
Augustyniak, Emily 3/28/1978 Lucas
Babcock, Michael B 8/14/1949 Lucas
Bachli, Bryan M 6/29/1971 Lucas
Bachor, Joseph A 3/6/1966 Lucas
Bailey, Brian F 12/5/1949 Lucas
Baker, Charles E 4/27/1953 Lucas
Baker, Larry R 8/11/1947 Lucas
Baker, Lindsay Jr 10/26/1957 Lucas
Baker, Philip E 9/25/1957 Lucas
Baker, Richard S 12/18/1929 Lucas
Balcerzak, Norbert R 7/18/1927 Lucas
Bancroft, Daniel E 2/17/1971 Lucas
Banks, Patricia H 12/19/1954 Lucas
Barnett, Ardis 3/9/1935 Lucas
Barron, Raymond C 1/17/1959 Lucas
Barrow, William G 12/6/1966 Lucas
Bartley, Richard L 3/28/1947 Lucas
Beavo, Richard N 10/4/1948 Lucas
Becker, Ralph 9/27/1965 Lucas
Begell, James F 8/22/1934 Lucas
Belcher, Charles A 1/21/1952 Lucas
Bell, Calvin 3/31/1955 Lucas
Benore, George B 1/15/1943 Lucas
Benore, George M 11/13/1979 Lucas
Benore, George N 2/10/1970 Lucas
Beringer, Leslie J 9/19/1917 Lucas
Berry, Charles W 5/24/1957 Lucas
Berry, Ralph K 9/29/1931 Lucas
Beseiso, Suleiman K 4/14/1956 Lucas
Bey, Winston 6/19/1927 Lucas
Bierman, Marcellus A 7/15/1964 Lucas
Bigelow, Harold 4/13/1950 Lucas
Bilecki, Michael A 6/9/1957 Lucas
Blankenship, Herman E 9/26/1954 Lucas
Blankenship, James A 6/10/1978 Lucas
Bloyd, Deborah K 2/3/1962 Lucas
Bodeman, Dale B 1/3/1930 Lucas
Bohmler, Nancy E 7/18/1935 Lucas
Bolduc, Timothy L 10/1/1946 Lucas
Boles, Oliver T 1/11/1964 Lucas
Bonds, Carl E. Jr 8/30/1961 Lucas
Bonds, Mack H 1/29/1953 Lucas
Boomer, Edwardo C Sr 4/20/1963 Lucas
Bourdeau, William J 3/3/1947 Lucas
Bourgeois, Linda A 6/16/1956 Lucas
Bourgeois, Thomas J 7/1/1956 Lucas
Bowlin, Frank L 9/2/1965 Lucas
Boyle, Patrick R 11/11/1948 Lucas
Bracken, Anthony W 12/30/1950 Lucas
Braun, Dan K Jr 8/12/1972 Lucas
Brentlinger, Levi A 10/1/1975 Lucas
Brimacombe, Gregg P 6/11/1974 Lucas
Broka, Terry F 11/27/1946 Lucas
Brooks, Orel B Jr 3/29/1948 Lucas
Brown, Daniel C 10/11/1953 Lucas
Bruhn, David P 4/3/1945 Lucas
Brunner, Matthew L 1/8/1959 Lucas
Brunt, James A 10/26/1942 Lucas
Bryan, James P 6/8/1938 Lucas
Bryan, John H 9/19/1940 Lucas
Bump, William S 8/16/1952 Lucas
Bumpus, Ivan R 5/27/1963 Lucas
Burden, John R 7/25/1938 Lucas
Burgan, Mary J 6/15/1961 Lucas
Burkley, Don G 5/14/1970 Wood
Burkes, John W 9/6/1961 Lucas
Burks, Charles T 5/21/1934 Lucas
Burmeister, Robert J 7/18/1944 Lucas
Busse, Gary U 2/12/1964 Lucas
Bussey, Mark A 5/1/1962 Lucas
Butler, Lavelle D 4/18/1967 Lucas
Calkins, Shane R 7/13/1975 Lucas
Canon, Todd L 3/17/1968 Lucas
Carl, Thomas A 7/9/1925 Lucas
Carlisle, Patricia D 3/4/1947 Lucas
Carver, Warren M 7/7/1972 Lucas
Case, Robert R 3/18/1949 Lucas
Carter, Robert E II 5/1/1952 Lucas
Cheaib, Ali H 7/25/1970 Lucas
Chelucci, Kenneth M 3/5/1949 Lucas
Cherry, Kenneth F 8/12/1949 Lucas
Cicerella, Christopher J 2/21/1983 Lucas
Clayton, Michael D , 7/15/1952 Lucas
Coates, Robert E 1/13/1941 Lucas
Colbert, Quillie M 5/25/1953 Lucas
Cole, Maria L 9/8/1946 Lucas
Cole, Michael J Jr 3/9/1979 Lucas
Coleman, Clark B 6/26/1942 Lucas
Coleman, Freddie 11/27/1950 Lucas
Compton, Simey L Jr 12/9/1966 Lucas
Conrad, Nathan E 9/8/1976 Lucas
Conine, Carl J 10/21/1945 Lucas
Cook, William A 6/13/1964 Lucas
Cooper, Terry L 12/9/1950 Lucas
Cordrey, Raymond A 9/18/1946 Lucas
Corrigan, Michael J 7/5/1939 Lucas
Cottrell, Clarence L 4/12/1935 Lucas
Cottrell, Cynthia L 7/21/1957 Lucas
Counterman, Eugene A II 12/20/1958 Lucas
Cousino, Richard E 7/10/1965 Lucas
Crary, Harold O 9/22/1937 Lucas
Crawford, Laurence L 6/29/1974 Lucas
Creque, Donald L 4/23/1955 Lucas
Croley, Benjamin L 12/22/1974 Wood
Cronenwett, Michael 11/29/1954 Lucas
Crowe, Joseph H 8/1/1946 Lucas
Creque, Michael J 5/31/1973 Lucas
Crunkilton, Robert J 8/14/1945 Lucas
Czaja, Brett E 8/26/1979 Lucas
Czerminski, Stanley H 4/29/1952 Lucas
Dakroub, Ali F 5/20/1956 Lucas
Dakroub, Mariam Y 11/14/1960 Lucas
Daly, John T 4/30/1935 Lucas
Dame, Robert L 1/20/1934 Lucas
D'Amore, Kathy S 4/24/1950 Lucas
Dandar, Jeffrey M 8/29/1970 Lucas
Dandar, Robert M 4/1/1966 Lucas
Danforth, Shannon A 6/4/1975 Lucas
Davenport, Jeffrey E 1/8/1960 Lucas
Davidson, Josel S 11/7/1968 Lucas
Davis, George E 12/16/1957 Lucas
Davis, George M 4/17/1937 Lucas
Davis, Robert L 5/27/1918 Lucas
Debo, Michael C 10/2/1968 Lucas
DeClercq, James P 9/4/1943 Lucas
Delger, David A 1/14/1956 Lucas
Dembowski, Eugene 2/22/1956 Lucas
Dembowski, Michael F 8/6/1947 Lucas
Dennis, Wayne P 3/14/1951 Lucas
Derby, Thomas P 12/9/1941 Lucas
Detlef, Mary J 8/28/1948 Lucas
Detlef-Weems, Kimberly 5/2/1966 Lucas
Detrick, Dennis M 7/9/1951 Lucas
Devine, Allan J 11/12/1946 Lucas
Dewitz, Dennis E 10/3/1944 Lucas
Dewitz, Matthew D 4/22/1972 Lucas
Dillon, David J 11/4/1948 Lucas
Ditmer, Kenneth E 4/17/1926 Lucas
Dixon, Dennis A 10/5/1952 Lucas
Dobrak, Dennis M 11/13/1954 Lucas
Dobrak, Ryan A 6/2/1979 Lucas
Dollman, Joseph E 9/26/1950 Lucas
Dormaier, Charles B 7/23/1960 Lucas
Drager, John F 1/14/1937 Lucas
Draper, Brian N 8/12/1960 Lucas
Duling, Robert N 9/25/1936 Lucas
Dumonte, Darcy R 6/7/1953 Lucas
Dunning, Daryl E 5/16/1978 Lucas
Dunning, Don C 5/16/1978 Lucas
Durham, Terry L 6/16/1946 Lucas
Duvendack, Charles R 11/10/1942 Lucas
Duvendack, Sharon R 5/16/1944 Lucas
Dzienny, Brian R 7/30/1967 Lucas
Earle, Shawn L 11/6/1970 Lucas
El-Joubeily, Muhieddine 1/13/1969 Lucas
Elmajzoub, Said 9/4/1976 Lucas
Elsea, Raymond L 10/12/1936 Lucas
Emery, Earl B 8/26/1951 Lucas
English, Ian B 3/20/1970 Lucas
Ernst, Nita L 9/23/1973 Lucas
Ernst, Steven R 11/1/1965 Lucas
Fair, Charles R 1/19/1956 Lucas
Fair, Lyle A 4/7/1957 Lucas
Fehr, Dave L 8/16/1971 Lucas
Fenn, James W 2/17/1954 Lucas
Fenstermaker, Mark D 10/3/1977 Wood
Fewlas, Martin E 5/31/1936 Lucas
Fields, Gabriel M 2/15/1976 Lucas
Finn, Michael T 10/26/1945 Lucas
Fisher, Tina M 3/14/1958 Lucas
Fitch, Louis J 1/31/1938 Fulton
Firebaugh, James A 5/26/1946 Lucas
Flansburg, Dean A 1/31/1966 Lucas
Foeller, Randy L 1/9/1950 Lucas
Forche, Robert E 5/28/1931 Lucas
Ford, Floyd M 7/8/2029 Lucas
Foster, Rita L 3/27/1960 Lucas
Foster, Robert L 8/9/1939 Lucas
Fowler-Rendle, Erika 10/29/1958 Lucas
Fowls, Edward L 4/7/1971 Lucas
Fox, Gerald E 5/31/1940 Lucas
Francis, Philip A 3/5/1966 Lucas
Frankforther, Ronald L 10/25/1949 Lucas
Fried, Jack T 4/18/1949 Lucas
Freeman, Harvey R 3/19/1939 Lucas
Frybarger, Terri J 9/19/1980 Lucas
Fuller, Frank E 3/16/1979 Lucas
Gannon-Meier, Carol J 3/30/1949 Lucas
Garn, Arthur W 1/11/1965 Lucas
Garn, Pamela D 1/20/1961 Lucas
Garwolinski, Mitchell W 8/30/1932 Lucas
Gaudiello, Michele R 1/8/1969 Lucas
Gbur, Charles J Jr 1/16/1962 Lucas
Geiner, Robert P 2/29/1932 Lucas
Gignac, Michael P 7/24/1945 Lucas
Gilbert, Bertrand L 1/23/1955 Lucas
Gillis, Albert R 7/26/1936 Lucas
Glauser, Joan M 2/15/1960 Lucas
Goeckerman, Scott L 7/19/1948 Wood
Goertz, Robert A 7/10/1959 Lucas
Goodman, Randy R 10/25/1958 Lucas
Goodremont, Mark K 2/7/1954 Lucas
Gorsuch, James C 7/1/1930 Lucas
Gottschalk, Kenneth W 1/27/1972 Lucas
Grace, Frank 12/8/1923 Lucas
Grace, James M 2/27/1937 Lucas
Grace, Leon Jr 3/1/1951 Lucas
Graham, Adrian L 11/5/1977 Lucas
Graham, James L 9/9/1948 Lucas
Gralak, Jeffrey J 12/21/1957 Lucas
Grant, Tracy L 2/28/1961 Lucas
Grant, Willie 3/4/1922 Lucas
Greenwood, James E 11/14/1943 Lucas
Griffin, Darren L 3/6/1966 Lucas
Griffin, William E 9/22/1937 Lucas
Grimes, Gregory G 3/21/1951 Fulton
Griss, Corey A 4/1/1969 Lucas
Grochowski, Daniel P 6/21/1945 Lucas
Grohowski, Phillip E 11/20/1949 Lucas
Gromnicki, Timothy E 1/31/1946 Lucas
Gunn,Keith 6/5/1955 Lucas
Habbouche, Maurice J 3/11/1949 Lucas
Hack, John R 2/3/1940 Lucas
Hague, Michael C Sr 3/24/1944 Lucas
Halasz, Thomas 7/3/1951 Lucas
Haley, Edward T 6/11/1948 Lucas
Hamilton, William D 2/26/1948 Lucas
Hansen, Phillip S 7/14/1952 Lucas
Hanson, Richard L 10/19/1942 Lucas
Harbaugh, Robert D Jr 1/12/1949 Lucas
Harden, Dannie J 10/18/1946 Lucas
Harris, Patricia K 1/13/1949 Lucas
Hartwig, Steven C 7/28/1962 Lucas
Hartzell, Ronnie D 12/21/1952 Lucas
Hasan, Naqid 4/26/1972 Lucas
Hashemi, Pejman 3/21/1966 Lucas
Hawkins, Walter J 7/14/1924 Lucas
Hayes, Richard H 9/25/1943 Lucas
Hays, Gregory L 9/28/1960 Lucas
Heany, Kennard P Jr 11/16/1948 Lucas
Heckel, Richard 11/25/1951 Lucas
Hehl, Rodney 1/11/1935 Lucas
Hehl, Timothy B 2/25/1963 Lucas
Heider, Robert E 4/3/1945 Lucas
Heminger, Troy K 7/5/1976 Lucas
Henry, Fredrick J 11/4/1950 Wood
Hermes, Gregory B 10/6/1965 Lucas
Hill, Brian L 12/24/1966 Lucas
Hinkle, Douglas C 12/2/1944 Lucas
Hipkiss, Wilbur E 11/16/1941 Lucas
Hissem, David A 8/18/1957 Wood
Hoepfl, Kenneth J 1/11/1930 Lucas
Holliday, Wyatt J 2/28/1976 Lucas
Holmes, William E 2/20/1939 Lucas
Honeycutt, Thomas M 7/27/1951 Lucas
Hopkins, Ann M 7/9/1956 Lucas
Hopkins, Robert W 8/29/1950 Lucas
Horky, Trent M 7/27/1977 Lucas
Howard, Thomas H 7/11/1978 Lucas
Huebner, Robert J 10/23/1916 Lucas
Huebner, Todd K 5/6/1968 Lucas
Huff, Barbara P 1/28/1955 Lucas
Huff, Samuel S 2/19/1977 Lucas
Huff, Thomas J 9/24/1953 Lucas
Hummel, Clarence F 6/11/1938 Lucas
Ingle, Larry L 10/11/1947 Lucas
Isabell, Duane A 1/11/1978 Lucas
Isabell, Fredrick K 2/16/1971 Lucas
Ishak, Seret A 4/11/1976 Lucas
Ismail, Ali 1/14/1969 Lucas
Itawi, Ali A 5/1/1961 Lucas
Itawi, Ayad H 3/29/1960 Lucas
Jackson, Andre C 10/25/1960 Lucas
Jackson, Leon Sr 7/7/1942 Lucas
Jackson, Morris 7/16/1931 Lucas
Jacobs, Edward P 1/12/1949 Lucas
Jankowski, Gary M 8/21/1946 Lucas
Jasin, David R Jr 7/21/1956 Lucas
Jasin, Jennifer J 12/12/1957 Lucas
Jennings, Grant R 5/7/1954 Lucas
Jensen, Kristen B 9/21/1966 Lucas
Jiannuzzi, James A 8/24/1943 Lucas
Jiannuzzi, James S 6/25/1969 Lucas
Johnson, Donald L 9/23/1935 Lucas
Johnson, Fred 6/27/1936 Lucas
Johnson, Rodney E 5/6/1972 Lucas
Jones, Eddie B 8/20/1954 Lucas
Jones, Dale A 7/2/1959 Lucas
Kahyaoglu, Cemil 5/10/1969 Lucas
Karmol, Norb C 7/19/1950 Lucas
Kaseman, Michael R 6/3/1955 Lucas
Keil, Ray E 12/14/1961 Lucas
Keaton, William R 12/31/1944 Lucas
Kerste, James 3/1/1957 Lucas
Keune, Donald J 3/16/1931 Lucas
Kidman, Mark A 11/1/1980 Lucas
King, Eddie L 8/20/1972 Lucas
Kinkaid, Ronald E 8/15/1934 Lucas
Kirkbride, Charles S 3/17/1953 Lucas
Kirkendall, Gary D 7/13/1942 Lucas
Klaft, Kenneth T 10/16/1963 Lucas
Klay, Steven M 7/14/1951 Lucas
Klocinski, Therese M 9/5/1951 Lucas
Koch, Dale M 5/12/1960 Lucas
Kokensparger, Rodger D 9/19/1949 Lucas
Koleff, Roger W 8/8/1962 Lucas
Kolling, Lynn C 6/23/1953 Lucas
Koontz, Franklin R 5/28/1939 Lucas
Koontz, Myron W Jr 9/13/1946 Wood
Korn, Barbara A 6/13/1943 Lucas
Korn, David R 12/14/1939 Lucas
Korsog, Justin K 6/10/1982 Lucas
Kosakowski, Larry A 5/5/1953 Lucas
Knighten, Willie L 5/17/1949 Lucas
Krause, Mary L 10/4/1930 Lucas
Krell, Richard L 3/13/1934 Lucas
Krill, Heather A 5/9/1973 Lucas
Krill, Ryan S 12/31/1974 Lucas
Kruse, Kenneth R 2/5/1927 Lucas
Kruse, Roger O 11/5/1950 Lucas
Kusz, Ronald C Jr 1/30/1962 Lucas
Kwapich, Jason P 7/26/1977 Lucas
Kwiatkowski, John E 7/13/1943 Lucas
Kwiatkowski, Lawrence J 11/7/1939 Lucas
Labadie, DeVerle D 10/13/1944 Lucas
Lambert, Gregory A 3/28/1958 Lucas
Lampkowski, Michael J 7/21/1955 Lucas
Landis, Harold D 11/9/1945 Wood
Lashuay, Todd M 6/23/1965 Wood
Lawrence, Gilbert A 11/28/1944 Lucas
Lee, Richard 12/5/1932 Lucas
Leeper, James E 5/6/1947 Lucas
Leeper, James E Jr 6/5/1978 Lucas
Lefevre, Sandra L 8/12/1949 Lucas
Lefevre, William R 3/23/1947 Lucas
Lemay, Richard P 11/21/1949 Lucas
Lemmon, Lee D 8/27/1940 Lucas
Leonard, George W 1/20/1956 Lucas
Leonard, Harold R 12/15/1931 Wood
Lever, Charles E 5/17/1938 Lucas
LeVally, Donald R 10/7/1963 Lucas
Lewandowski, John 5/2/1953 Lucas
Lewis, Alva V 1/18/1944 Lucas
Licata, Ignatius J 10/9/1944 Lucas
Linenkugel, William T 4/27/1945 Lucas
Little, Laurence K 2/24/1956 Lucas
Lockwood, James M 8/14/1942 Lucas
Loomis, Thomas C 12/19/1949 Lucas
Lopez, Peggy S 3/16/1972 Lucas
Ludlow, David J 12/19/1975 Lucas
Ludwikowski, Robert L 4/10/1952 Lucas
Madden, Charles E 8/17/1952 Lucas
Madden, Michael D 12/26/1943 Lucas
Mareska, John C 4/30/1943 Lucas
Marko, Wissam I 5/4/1960 Lucas
Marok, James E 10/3/1970 Lucas
Marquis, Michael J 4/6/1946 Lucas
Marsico, Samuel A 2/7/1923 Lucas
Martin, Lowell W 5/24/1932 Lucas
Martin, Ronald J 7/20/1980 Lucas
Martin, William G 5/26/1947 Lucas
Martinez, Edward M Jr 5/14/1939 Lucas
Matile, David R 8/8/1969 Lucas
Matthews, Kevin E 6/30/1960 Lucas
May, Clyde L 12/24/1950 Lucas
Mayer, Marna L 3/4/1949 Lucas
McCallum, John E 9/24/1964 Lucas
McCauley, Mark A 9/2/1965 Lucas
McClain, Eugene M 3/7/1970 Lucas
McCollum, Danny j 6/13/1950 Lucas
McCourt, Bobby V Sr 3/29/1950 Lucas
McCumons, Eric N 8/28/1972 Lucas
McCreery, Joseph W 4/4/1959 Lucas
McCrory, John E Jr 11/5/1961 Lucas
McGill, Robert E 7/28/2027 Lucas
McKimmy,William A 4/14/1937 Lucas
Meader, Jevne C 10/3/1957 Lucas
Medina, Manuel M 4/2/2022 Lucas
Meier, Michael W 7/7/1952 Lucas
Meisner, Jerry T 3/2/1953 Lucas
Menchaca, Louis Jr 7/30/1953 Lucas
Metzger, Michael D 11/7/1968 Wood
Meyer, Thomas M 6/25/1955 Lucas
Meyers, Michael K 12/16/1962 Lucas
Michalski, Dean M 5/25/1975 Lucas
Miesse, Justin L 2/11/1982 Lucas
Miller, Donald F Sr 8/18/1960 Lucas
Miller, James J 5/26/1960 Lucas
Mills, Gerald J 3/16/1943 Wood
Mitchell, Thomas A 4/3/1974 Lucas
Mock, Dale E 12/25/1932 Lucas
Mock, Jeffrey 4/3/1958 Lucas
Mocniak, Jason R 3/30/1979 Lucas
Moellenberg, Kirk J 10/5/1957 Lucas
Mondell, John W 7/9/1947 Lucas
Montague, Kenneth G 1/21/1958 Lucas
Montague, Mary L 9/3/1956 Lucas
Moore, Linda L , 12/21/1953 Lucas
Moore, Philip J 10/6/1931 Lucas
Morason, Robert H 1/30/1938 Lucas
Morawski, Brett A 11/10/1970 Lucas
Morgan, Kevin A 3/6/1983 Lucas
Mories, Linda L 2/4/1943 Lucas
Morrin, Lorin F 3/9/1955 Lucas
Morrin, Lucas D 9/9/1977 Lucas
Morris, Allan R 12/27/1935 Lucas
Morris, Jesse L 2/9/1953 Lucas
Morris, Sally J 2/7/1942 Lucas
Moss, Timothy D 11/4/1972 Lucas
Mount, James A 10/22/1950 Lucas
Mount, Samuel A 12/29/1976 Lucas
Mowka, David A 8/17/1949 Lucas
Muckinhaupt, William 4/13/1954 Lucas
Mullen, Keith A 11/5/1967 Lucas
Mysinger, Kenneth R 6/8/1935 Lucas
Nagle, Mark A 6/6/1968 Lucas
Naus, William F 2/10/1934 Lucas
Naylor, John T 8/23/1970 Lucas
Neenan, Michael P 1/13/1964 Lucas
Newcomer, George W 5/28/1940 Lucas
Newcomer, Michael G 10/30/1966 Lucas
Newsome, Darryl V 8/30/1964 Lucas
Nofziger, Fred D 11/9/1929 Lucas
Nofziger, Hope E 8/20/1937 Lucas
Normand, Guessler M 2/24/1937 Lucas
Nykodym, Nickolas G 8/21/1942 Lucas
Ogler, Richard L 3/25/1931 Lucas
Oria, Juan M 12/23/1966 Lucas
Orth, Wilbur L 1/2/1943 Lucas
Osman, Antonio 11/24/1964 Lucas
Ostermyer, Charles A 4/10/1950 Lucas
Papadakis, Alexander D 6/30/1958 Lucas
Parker, Jeremy R 4/16/1978 Lucas
Parks, Aaron L 11/11/1974 Lucas
Parson, Elson L Jr 12/30/1963 Lucas
Patterson, James A 2/26/1970 Lucas
Patterson, Thomas B 12/23/1970 Lucas
Penchef, James R 9/16/1941 Lucas
Penn, Clarence D 9/22/1934 Lucas
Perez, Alfredo A 7/24/1953 Lucas
Perna, Thomas A 2/15/1941 Lucas
Perry, Joyce D 4/29/1957 Lucas
Petrey, Mickey P 1/20/1960 Lucas
Petrey, Randy 11/25/1962 Lucas
Petroff, Jeremy L 2/6/1977 Lucas
Pezzin, Thomas J 1/2/1957 Lucas
Pfeifer, Robert J 7/14/1939 Lucas
Phalen, Teri L 6/22/1970 Lucas
Phalen, Troy E 8/2/1968 Lucas
Phalen, Tyson L 4/4/1972 Lucas
Photos, Thomas M 5/13/1962 Lucas
Pierce, Richard E 8/9/1953 Lucas
Pierson, Douglas P 1/8/1952 Lucas
Pietraszak, Thomas J 8/25/1958 Lucas
Pitzen, Robert L 5/22/1949 Lucas
Plummer, Edward 6/23/1939 Lucas
Popkoski, Edward S 8/17/1940 Lucas
Powell, Wallace C 10/23/1939 Lucas
Prebeg, Nicholas J 3/12/1957 Lucas
Preston, Eileen 6/7/1951 Lucas
Price, Jerry S 2/12/1942 Lucas
Price, Stanford L 6/4/1940 Lucas
Proctor, James E Jr 9/19/1947 Lucas
Pyzik, Robert A 3/4/1951 Lucas
Qaimari, Yazeed M 10/29/1970 Lucas
Qiblawe, Mohamed R 7/7/1974 Lucas
Ragheb, Guirguis 6/30/1971 Fulton
Rainey, David S 6/18/1962 Wood
Rajner, Robert G 3/14/1939 Lucas
Ratliff, Melvin K Jr 2/22/1950 Lucas
Redhawk, Troy 12/20/1954 Lucas
Reese, Donald V 8/12/1964 Lucas
Reese, Michael E 11/22/1952 Lucas
Refi, Joseph C 8/16/1965 Lucas
Reid, George W 3/9/1962 Lucas
Reimer, David T 8/20/1946 Lucas
Reimer, Frederick A 1/5/1943 Lucas
Revard, James P 11/9/1947 Lucas
Reynolds, Chester Jr 5/24/1949 Lucas
Richard, Robert D 11/15/1947 Lucas
Richardson, Randall R 12/14/1969 Lucas
Rickheim, Timothy W 3/2/1952 Lucas
Ridley, Jason L 1/28/1979 Lucas
Ritter, Denis D 12/20/1941 Lucas
Rittichier, James P 11/29/1971 Lucas
Rivas, Roberto 6/30/1953 Lucas
Roberts, Donald P Sr 2/10/1943 Lucas
Roberts, Jeffrey Y 2/14/1966 Lucas
Rodriguez, Valentino 8/12/1954 Lucas
Roe, Todd M 10/31/1964 Lucas
Roose, Shawn W 8/24/1974 Lucas
Ross, Curtis A 1/24/1952 Lucas
Ross, David H 1/24/1952 Lucas
Roth, Thomas J 8/9/1943 Lucas
Roudebush, Lester A Jr 7/20/1928 Lucas
Roumaya, Saad 7/24/1959 Lucas
Rudess, Anthony J 7/3/1972 Lucas
Ruff, Richard L 1/31/1941 Lucas
Rump, Larry L 5/27/1956 Lucas
Rumpf, Jeffrey T 7/24/1949 Lucas
Rupp, Terry L 1/18/1942 Lucas
Russell, John K 12/1/1943 Lucas
Sahadi, Charlie 12/1/2022 Wood
Salah, Chuck E 6/6/1952 Lucas
Saleh, Adnan S 9/4/1972 Lucas
Sanchez, Jose H 2/4/1969 Lucas
Sanders, Julie A 3/12/1960 Lucas
Sanderson, Gary D 7/16/1952 Lucas
Savage, William W 7/14/1947 Lucas
Schaffer, James R 12/30/1940 Lucas
Schall, Steven S 8/11/1973 Lucas
Schmakgl, Gary R 7/19/1953 Lucas
Shenavar, Patrick R 5/7/1973 Lucas
Schetter, George F 3/9/1954 Lucas
Schladetsch, Robert D II 12/13/1963 Lucas
Schull, Duane M 11/22/1954 Lucas
, Scoble, Lawrence W 5/14/1948 Lucas
Scothern, David H 5/21/1950 Lucas
Scott, Bobby D 2/12/1932 Lucas
Scott, Leona F 5/21/1938 Lucas
Scott, Robert L Jr 2/22/1948 Lucas
Seaney, Richard B 4/9/1936 Lucas
Serres, Freda K 4/25/1958 Lucas
Serres, John E 6/20/1950 Lucas
Sexton, Patrick J 10/4/1962 Lucas
Shaneck, Gary K 3/27/1941 Lucas
Shannie, Wendell K 10/15/1957 Lucas
Sheets, Thomas E 12/20/1948 Lucas
Sidener, Roy L 9/23/1947 Lucas
Siet, Michael A 5/30/1971 Lucas
Siminiak, Robert J 9/13/1949 Lucas
Simon, John E 1/12/1952 Lucas
Simonis, Alan C 3/27/1957 Lucas
Simpson, Lewis T Jr 4/27/1961 Lucas
Simpson, Shawn L 11/20/1948 Lucas
Simpson, Shawn L 11/16/1973 Lucas
Singh, Ajay N 11/24/1961 Lucas
Slough, Ronald J 2/12/1946 Lucas
Small, Clarke A 11/10/1950 Lucas
Smidi, Tim L 1/27/1972 Lucas
Smith, David M 12/10/1944 Lucas
Smith, Dennis 3/24/1947 Lucas
Smith, Douglas D 10/24/1966 Wood
Smith, Jeffery N 8/7/1955 Lucas
Smith, Joshua W 5/30/1977 Lucas
Smith, Michael J 12/13/1974 Lucas
Snodgrass, Harry R 6/1/1952 Lucas
Soria, Ricardo II 10/9/1980 Lucas
Soule, Harvey D 11/2/1942 Lucas
Sparks, Michael 11/11/1947 Lucas
Spitznaugle, John D 5/2/1969 Lucas
Sprinski, Robert J 9/10/1949 Lucas
Squier, Charles A 2/19/1949 Lucas
Stamper, Richard W 11/25/1946 Lucas
Staniszewski, David H 9/17/1946 Lucas
Stephens, Barry J 10/29/1952 Lucas
Stull, Linda S 9/12/1960 Lucas
Stull, Terrance L 4/30/1956 Lucas
Stults, Diane M 9/10/1956 Lucas
Stults, Thomas H 2/24/1958 Lucas
Stultz, Michael D 9/16/1944 Lucas
Sturm, Kelly J 4/25/1950 Lucas
Sturm, Martha N 7/27/1946 Lucas
Sustaita, Eddie 12/23/1956 Lucas
Sweetapple, Dee Anne M 10/14/1956 Lucas
Symons, James R 10/15/1953 Lucas
Symons, Therese J 7/18/1953 Lucas
Szych, Leon J 9/11/1939 Lucas
Taborn, William I Jr 6/21/1965 Lucas
Tatkowksi, Michael A 9/27/1948 Lucas
Tawil, Abdallah M 10/7/1968 Lucas
Taylor, James L 5/18/1971 Lucas
Taylor, Timothy B 9/16/1968 Lucas
Tebay, Garth M 1/29/1951 Lucas
Thomas, Clifford R 9/23/1937 Lucas
Tolles, Michael J 5/21/1975 Lucas
Tolles, William H 1/8/1946 Lucas
Trafelet, Mark A 9/8/1965 Lucas
Tucker, Bryan O 7/17/1979 Lucas
Tucker, Charles M 5/24/1974 Lucas
Tucker, Keith A 2/26/1959 Lucas
Urbanski, Thomas R 12/12/1947 Lucas
Valent, Stephen P 5/12/1966 Lucas
Vance, John A 1/8/1930 Lucas
Vandyke, Randal L 4/30/1959 Lucas
Veith, William D 11/23/1956 Lucas
Vershum, Rodney D 11/14/1972 Lucas
Vroman, Merle B Jr 11/27/1950 Lucas
Wade, Dustin C 12/18/1975 Lucas
Waggoner, Justin D 9/4/1979 Wood
Wagner, George W 2/12/1935 Lucas
Ward, Paul E 10/20/1934 Lucas
Warner, Kevin G 3/3/1961 Lucas
Washington, Andrew H 5/30/1931 Lucas
Washington, Jane E 12/22/1963 Lucas
Washington, Leonard E 6/19/1965 Lucas
Weaver, Edward L 2/6/1951 Lucas
Webber, Michael S 1/14/1943 Lucas
Weigandr, Michael W 10/21/1953 Lucas
Weirich, Edward A 5/9/1937 Lucas
Weiss, Daniel L 5/19/1969 Lucas
Welker, Marland D 11/26/1938 Lucas
Wells, Donald M 8/30/1979 Lucas
Wells, Kenneth J 7/12/1944 Lucas
Wendt, David G 4/2/1948 Lucas
Werbicky, Paul D 6/20/1948 Lucas
Wertz, Terry O Sr 3/2/1961 Lucas
Wharton, Steven D 3/9/1949 Lucas
Wilder, Bryan S 8/17/1966 Lucas
Wilder, Richard L 10/2/1943 Lucas
Wilkes, Jonathan P 10/8/1970 Lucas
Willhauck, Kenneth J 8/3/1948 Lucas
Williams, Alan B 7/16/1958 Lucas
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Williams, Michael D 6/1/1952 Wood
Willier, David E 8/6/1943 Lucas
Wilson, John D 9/10/1954 Lucas
Wilson-Rodriguez, Heidi C 5/28/1983 Lucas
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Wisniewski, Thomas S 4/17/1945 Lucas
Wojciechowski, David R 9/1/1945 Lucas
Wolff, Donald L 11/11/1946 Lucas
Wood, John W 1/4/, 1937 Lucas
Wormley, Earl Jr 7/15/1937 Lucas
Wright, Alonzo 7/29/1936 Lucas
Yeupell, Daniel J 2/15/1963 Lucas
Yeupell, Dennis J 2/15/1963 Lucas
Young, Crystal L 11/24/1963 Lucas
Young, Randal L 3/4/1953 Fulton
Zarecki, Richard F 3/22/1943 Lucas
Zeller, Clarence J Jr 5/14/1933 Lucas
Zindren, Donald P II 5/21/1970 Lucas
Ziolkowski, Todd 12/29/1962 Lucas
Zorn, William L Jr 6/6/1966 Lucas
Zupancic, James A 8/28/1952 Lucas
Zupancic, Sharon L 2/15/1947 Lucas


Link Posted: 9/10/2004 8:30:13 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:26:47 AM EDT
A lot of people I know didn't make it either. DAMN! That was our 15 milliseconds of fame... NOW what?

Coincidentally did you see their web poll? Weather citizens should be able to access the list to see who's packing? It was loosing last night 60-40. They won't report those results I'm sure.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:56:48 AM EDT
full birthdates associated with names ... smart ... real smart .....
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 4:11:17 PM EDT
We should get Jim Blue's and Jennifer Stacy's addresses, phone numbers and DOB and post them as many places as possible...fight fire with fire...
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 5:22:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2004 5:24:16 PM EDT by Leisure_Shoot]
Posting my Birthdate is a big "Piss me Off'r"! *
I'm surprised they don't post your picture from your CHL and your prints.

I really think you guys should complain to Ohioans for Concealed Carry.
Give them a reason to fight a little harder to remove access to these lists.

*I'm not on the list, not am I in Lucas, but this really burns me up.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 6:35:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2004 6:36:12 PM EDT by Leisure_Shoot]
Complaining to the Attorney General, Jim Petro, is a great idea.

Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro
State Office Tower 30 E. Broad Street 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3428
(614) 466-4320

or use this web form.... Constituent Inquiry

I wrote and asked for D.O.B. to not be made public by sheriffs.
I mentioned how it would make identity fraud cases more likely to occur.
I also asked if this is the "spirit of the law" re: public access.
Petro is a relatively OK guy, from what I've seen.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:18:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2004 9:28:25 PM EDT by Engineer]

Originally Posted By Leisure_Shoot:
Complaining to the Attorney General, Jim Petro, is a great idea.

Done - letter sent.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 6:04:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/13/2004 6:06:21 PM EDT by Leisure_Shoot]
Seems that they are now sending requests to sheriffs all over NW Ohio, asking for names.
Also seems that some sheriffs that are not total cock sucking pigs (pun intended) are not complying, stating that the news channel has not demonstrated what public interest will be served.


Toledo's NBC24 goes against wishes of 88% of viewers, publishes CHL list

Posted by cbaus on Monday, September 13 @ 10:33:04 EDT (103 reads)

On Thursday, September 9, NBC24 (WNWO Toledo) republished a list of Lucas County CHL-holders on its website. The list had previously been published by the Toledo City Paper.

In a statement published with the list of 650 names, the television station openly admits to violating the will of the Ohio General Assembly:

"...the law says those permits are not public record. Only the media and law enforcement agencies have access to the list.

NBC 24 feels that our viewers should have the same rights that journalists have. So we've collected the names for you."
To view an awkward on-air report on the subject, click here.

As noted in the television report, the news station is offering a webpoll on its homepage (lower left) asking viewers if they should be able to find out who has an Ohio permit to carry a concealed weapon. Up to now, 88% of NBC24 viewers say no! When similar numbers came in to a poll conducted by a Ft. Wayne newspaper several onths ago, the editors reversed course. Yet NBC24 appears poised to forge ahead.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry has learned that NBC24 is sending requests for the list of licensees to Sheriffs across Northwest Ohio. But some sheriffs may be prepared to deny the request. Two sources tell OFCC that NBC24 has not identified in their request that the information would be in the "public interest", as required by state law.

Link Posted: 9/13/2004 6:45:39 PM EDT
You got a name and a DOB, not very hard to get SSN, DL # etc. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on the internet or TV but I smell a LAWSUIT coming on. I wonder if anyone on that list is a lawyer or has had any identity crimes committed against them? But don't mind me, I just think the "press" should be "taken down a notch or two!" I wonder if a case could be made against Ch 24 for "stalking" the people on the "list." Aren't they violating these peoples right to privacy? At the very least, the source who leaked the names should have something very bad happen to them.



Link Posted: 9/14/2004 5:41:01 PM EDT
Fortunately for me, they'll never print the names of those of us carrying under reciprocity agreements.
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