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Posted: 5/7/2004 10:32:03 PM EST
Okay, so I am admitting watching the Bachelor show, but if you have a girlfriend/wife, you know how it is and who really controls the remote. hinking.gif In any case, the show had a really funny moment.

Anyway, this tough NY Giants quarterback visits one of the bachelorettes' family in OK. All is well until the Bachelor is told they (father, daughter, and him) are going to do some target practise. It seems that the father is a shooter. Of course, the Bachelor is freaked out when the Dad pulls out a couple of single-shot shotguns (410?) and an AR15 from the back of his SUV.

It turns out the daughter is blond, blue-eyed gorgeous and a great shot. In all fairness, in the one scene they showed of the Bachelor shooting, he does hit the can. The funniest scene was of him running away from the noise when the dad decides to throw a few rounds downrange quickly, while holding the AR by the hip. Note that the daughter did not run away!hy
In addition, I could not help laughing at my mental image of all the left-wing anti-gun liberals squirming in their chairs as they watched this part of the show. DocT
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