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Posted: 4/15/2006 11:29:33 AM EDT
So my neighbor tells me that last Thursday night at 7pm a "Space Shuttle" was transported down a nearby street. It was loaded on two flatbed trucks, surrounded by cops, and he said it took them almost 30 minutes to make it around a corner due to the size of the thing.

Though vastly reduced in production activities now, Aerojet General was one of the biggest Space and Defence manufacturers in the world; the OMS motors for the Shuttle, and the rocket motor for most US Sidewinder missles were made here, not to mention the rocket motors for nearly every NASA planetary probe.

WTF. Okay, I live out by Aerojet, which I know is currently involved in several Space-related projects, and this might be connected with their new "SCRAMJET" hypersonic air-breating rocket engine; the engine is being built and tested here, so this might be the airframe to mount it in.

But, why take it down a surface street? Highway 50 runs right by Aerojet, not to mention the railroad line, which actually goes into the plant.

He did not make this up I'm sure, and is not a total non-technical idiot, since he was in the Army and worked for 30 years at the local army depot repairing military equipment.

Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:05:26 PM EDT
no freeway over passes?

that would have been interesting to see - "uh keep on comin jim crank her left a little...." with a million dollar airplane haha
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 7:39:03 PM EDT
I didn't hear anyting about it either.  I'm 10 minutes from Aerojet.
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