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Posted: 9/27/2005 9:01:06 AM EDT

Heres some info on Bridge City. Here's also a link to KOGT.com that has emails from local residents checking in with status reports for the entire Southeast Texas area...

Email from Ms. Foley in Bridge City - My husband is a police officer in Bridge City. He has been calling me with updates when he can get through. Just wanted to pass along to you the info I have on Bridge City. As of 3:00 pm yesterday they began letting people into Bridge City. However, conditions there are terrible. There are natural gas leaks
throughout the city. The water is on but has to be boiled. They are being told that it will be a minimum of 3 weeks, more like 5 weeks before power is restored. Some areas of Bridge City are still not accessible. There is a small unit of the Natural Guard that has arrived and have begun clearing roads. However, this is a very small group so do not expect miracles. There is no major flooding in the Bridge City area. Just the usual water we see after a heavy rain. There are trees down everywhere. If a building was metal, for the most part, it suffered substantial damage. Wood structures seemed to fair pretty well. BC Schools: High School is in good shape, Simms looks good as well. Hatton and the Intermediate school both faired well. The middle school does have some roof damage. The press box at the high school stadium is destroyed. He has not seen one house that did not have shingles missing. This does not mean roof damage, just missing shingles. Parts of East Roundbunch are not accessible due to power lines and poles across the road. An oil derrick fell across the Cow Bayou bridge on 105. The Pilot station at I-10 and 62 had gas yesterday but the wait was about 10 hours. Dugas Addition has lots and lots of trees everywhere. Large number of houses with some roof damage. Some more than others. Vivian St. appears to have more damage than the rest of the neighborhood. Practically every wooden fence in Bridge City is gone. Lake St. area is still inaccessible by vehicle. Brian will be checking that area today by 4-wheeler and on foot. Bland St. has been cleared and is accessible. Jones St. has trees and power lines blocking it. Access to Jones is by Harvey only. Walmart looks good. Two light poles down in parking lot. Market Basket good. Post Office looks good. Sun Wok suffered major damage. The car wash behind Domino's on Texas Ave. suffered major damage as well as the back of Domino's. There was a rumor going around that there were fires all over Bridge City. This is NOT true. Churches: St. Helen's has so many trees down you can't even see the building. Pentecost Church on 1441 has some roof damage. Steeple on St. Henry's is gone, other than that it looks pretty good. Methodist Church on Roundbunch and Texas has roof damage and windows blown out. Circle Dr. Baptist Church fared well. They have had no major problems with looting. There is a dusk til dawn curfew. Bridge City is being heavily patrolled. There are 19 state troopers patrolling at night along with Bridge City PD. They also have 4-wheeler patrol for areas that are inaccessible by vehicle. He wanted me to tell everyone that he is advising people not to come back. The conditions are horrible. It's been extremely hot and the entire city is beginning to smell like rotten food. I will pass on more information as I get. But you know the cell phone situation. Conversations have been few and far between.

Heading in tonight...

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