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9/23/2020 3:47:02 PM
Posted: 12/16/2005 8:15:12 AM EDT
The USA PATRIOT act is set to expire soon. I feel strongly against it, as I feel it infringes upon American civil liberties. You may not feel the same way, however, it is our duty to tell our legislators how they must vote, as the voice of Virginia.

Go to www.senate.gov and pick VA and there are very easy form e-mails you can send them.

Hon. Senator Allen/Warner,

My name is PEVRS114. I am a resident of Anytown, VA, a graduate of A Virginia College, and recently returned from a tour in Iraq with the VaARNG.

I wanted to take a minute to write and express my concern over the current legislation before the Senate. I feel very strongly about the USA PATRIOT act extension. In my opinion, and after reading through the text of the US Constitution, I feel that this act is a dangerous and unnecessary infringement upon American civil liberties, and it is not in keeping with the vision of liberty that our forefathers laid out when they crafted the foundations of our great nation.

I urge you to please consider voting against the USA PATRIOT act extension in an effort to secure the liberties that many young men and women have shed blood to give the citizens of our nation. Our military and intelligence services can complete their mission effectively without the need to infringe unlawfully upon americans' privacy. Our system of slow, well-crafted legislation, combined with our multiple checks and balances is what keeps us out of the chains of tyranny. The USA PATRIOT act defies all of these necessary provisions, and therefore must be struck down.

Thank you for your time,



For or against, this is a major piece of legislation for our nation. Tell your congressman how he should vote!
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