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Posted: 6/17/2009 3:57:27 PM EST
Im a CJ major at UCF, and have been an LPO at Target for the last year and a Target Security guard for the two years prior to that and have done very well.

But, Target is going through a BIG down size of their Assets Protection teams in Central Florida. My store alone went from a Supervisor, plain clothes LPO (me), and three uniformed security guards down to my Supervisor- who now does store manager shifts 3 days a week and only works in Assets Protection two days a week, and Me- I was the plain clothes LPO to follow and apprehend thieves, but now im in the security uniform. Normally, the uniform security guards at Target are for show and can back up an apprehension that the plain clothes was going to make. Even though I am in uniform(again), i am still allowed to make apprehensions...but it's nearly impossible since I am in uniform and cannot follow people around.

So, not sure where my position will go i've decided I need to get my Security licenses. Being that I work at Target FOR Target a Class D license was not required.

I will be graduating this fall(hopefully) and plan on going into the Marine Corps, but I need to work until I do that. I feel I have a good amount of experience in Security and Loss Prevention, combining my job experience and my studies of Criminal Justice; so I want to stay in this field.

For those in the KNOW, since CCW applications are backlogged into eternity are the Class D and Class G licenses backlogged as well? I am taking summer classes that end this month and the spring semester begins in mid August, so I have July to do the training for the Class D and G. I also have 90hrs of vacation to use so I could do them in a week and a half and get them all finished.

Any info is appreciated. Also, does anyone here work Security in Orlando FL or at a school that teaches the courses? Any info or connections would be extremely appreciated. Not trying to make this post a search for a job- I already put one in the Team Job search forum, but if you have any advice or anything please shoot me a PM.


Link Posted: 6/17/2009 6:53:02 PM EST
I turned the paperwork for my license in december and got it back in may,short of the six month deadline the state gives you a temp license.

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