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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/1/2006 8:26:07 AM EST
A City of the First Class? I heard it has something to do with the population, but there are also two other reasons to it. So what`s the deal here? Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 12:35:16 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 6:30:50 PM EST


Section 1 – Purpose of classification;;division into classes.
For the purpose of legislation regulating their municipal affairs,the exercise of certain corporate powers,and having respect
to the number,character,powers,and duties of certain officers thereof,the cities now in existence and those hereafter created in
this Commonwealth shall be divided into four classes:
Those containing a population of one million or over shall constitute the first class.
Those containing a population of two hundred fifty thousand and under one million shall constitute the second class.
Those containing a population of eighty thousand and under two hundred fifty thousand and which by ordinance elect to be a city of the second class A shall constitute the second class A.
Those containing a population under two hundred fifty thousand and which have not elected to become a city of the second class A constitute the third class.

Section 2 – The classification of said cities respectively,,shall be ascertained and fixed by reference to the last two preceding United States decennial censuses,and whenever it shall appear by both of such censuses,that any city of the first,second or second A class has decreased in population below the minimum population figures prescribed for its current classification,or that any city of the second,second A or third class has increased above the maximum population figure prescribed for its current classification,it shall be the duty of the Governor,under the great seal of the Commonwealth,to certify the fact accordingly,which certificate shall be entered at large upon the minutes of the councils of such city and recorded in the office for recording the deeds of the proper county.No change in classification or in the existing form of government shall become effective until ten years after the certification of the fact of decrease or increase of population by the Governor:Provided,That the court of common pleas of the county in which the city is located shall appoint a charter commission to study and make recommendations on the adoption of a form of city government under sections 3,4,5,6 and 7 of this act,and a form of government is adopted within the above ten-year period.If a form of government is not adopted within the ten-year period,the city shall automatically become classified according to the provisions of section 1 of this act and be subject to the provisions therein.

It is the intent of the preceding paragraph that the classification of any city of the first,second,second class A and third class shall not be changed because its population has changed at the time of one United States decennial census,because it is recognized that a change in the form of municipal government is attended by certain expense and hardship and such change should not be occasioned by a temporary fluctuation in population but rather only after it is demonstrated by two censuses that the population of a city has remained below the minimum figure or above the maximum figure of its class for at least a decade.

At the municipal election occurring not less than one month after the date of such certificate the proper officers shall be elected to which the said city will become entitled under the change in classification,and upon the first Monday of April next ensuing the terms of all officers of said city when in office whose offices are superseded by reason thereof shall cease and determine,and the city government shall be duly organized and shall thereafter be controlled and regulated by the laws of this Commonwealth applicable to the same under the classification hereby fixed and appointed.

Until otherwise provided by law,cities of the second class A shall continue to be governed,and shall have all the powers, privileges and prerogatives now provided by the laws of the Commonwealth relating to the cities of the second class.(1895 P.L. 275,Sections 1 and 2,as amended.)


First Class (1)– Philadelphia ((1,517,550).
Second Class (1)– Pittsburgh ((334,563).
Second Class A (1)– Scranton ((76,415).
Third Class (51)– Aliquippa ((11,734),Allentown (106,632),Altoona (49,523),Arnold (5,667),Beaver Falls (9,920),Bethlehem (71,329),Bradford (9,175),Butler (15,121),Carbondale (9,804),Chester (36,854),Clairton (8,491),Coatesville (10,838), Connellsville (9,146),Corry (6,834),DuBois (8,123),Duquesne (7,332),Easton (26,263),Erie (103,717),Farrell (6,050), Franklin (7,212),Greensburg (15,889),Harrisburg (48,950),Hazleton (23,329),Hermitage (16,157),Jeannette (10,654),Johnstown (23,906),Lancaster (56,348),Lebanon (24,461),Lock Haven (9,149),Lower Burrell (12,608),McKeesport (24,040), Meadville (13,685),Monessen (8,669),Monongahela (4,761),Nanticoke (10,955),New Castle (26,309),New Kensington (14,701),Oil City (11,504),Parker City (799),Pittston (8,104),Pottsville (15,549),Reading (81,207),Shamokin (8,009), Sharon (16,328),St.Marys (14,502),Sunbury (10,610),Titusville (6,146),Uniontown (12,422),Warren (10,259),Washington (15,268),Wilkes-Barre (43,123),Williamsport (30,706),York (40,862).

Link Posted: 2/2/2006 2:35:41 PM EST
At one time the designation of a class one city allowed Philly and Pitsburgh to set their own firearms policy. The state changed that restriction and all citizens of PA are considered equal for a shall issue carry permit.
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