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Posted: 6/15/2009 8:48:39 AM EST
Hey guys, just curious if anyone is going to be doing any tea partying on July 4th? I have seen a few folks on the site, in general, that have been dismissive of the Tea Parties, as more of a "soccer mom" republican thing...

I'm just curious if we have any difference of opinion in that regard here in the gulf states?

I participated in the Aril 15th one in Huntsville, and I thought it was a good event. We of course had a wide range of folks there, and I'm sure some of them were soccer moms, and a few Ron Paul guys, quite a few Fair Tax guys there as well.

Since the April 15th one, I've been loosely involved with the July 4th Tea Party coordinators in trying to promote the upcoming July 4th event. In addition, there has also been a few “fire missions” that they’ve been calling “mini-tea parties,” which essentially a day for everyone to contact a politician with our views, such as today is a mini tea party where we are suppose to let Parker Griffith know we are vehemently against the socialized healthcare. So they are trying to keep things going in between the big tea parties, and keep people abreast of particular issues going on in the legislature and such.

If you’re interested in getting involved, or just want to see what its about, the web page for the Huntsville one is www.hsvteaparty.com, you can join the forums (still kinda small at this point) and you can also donate a few bucks to pay for the event, and/or hopefully get a billboard or maybe some radio ads or whatever going for it. If you want to donate you can use the chipin thing on the home page to paypal a donation, and there is an address there somewhere that shows where you can send a check…

So, is anyone going? Or does anyone have a specific reason why they are not involved in the teaparty movement? Any of ya’ll too bad-ass to hang out in a crowd where there may be some soccer moms present?

Just curious…

Thanks guys!

Link Posted: 6/15/2009 4:55:03 PM EST
Oh dude, I'm still going! See you there on the 4th!
Couldn't attend before , have an employer (on the arsenal) that's not quite into letting me go for a couple extra hours for a protest...HEHEHE!!!!

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