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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/17/2005 9:45:17 AM EST
For those that go to Uwharrie, "if" things were to change would you still go?
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 11:24:49 AM EST
It's on "federal land" right?

Don't you already pay to use it by paying taxes?
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 3:47:43 PM EST
I don't want to kick a dead horse, but we had an experience out there once with the local federal LEO.
I don't want to bore everyone with the details, but one of the things we were hassled about was a report by people on horseback behind the range, hearing bullets passing over their heads.
Someone close to us had bumpfired a mag through an AK and undoubtedly some flew over the backstop.
Add to that the fact that we were shooting reactive targets and somone on the other end of the range got bent.
A cell phone call later and we were being checked out by the local barney.
I've already accepted responsibility for our part of it although we had witnessed many others doing what normally is a legal thing to do.
One of my buddies next to us got a $50 fine for shooting at a pop can. We got $50 tickets for shooting unauthorized (incendiary) targets.
They may have been unauthorized, but they were not "incendiary" and so said Daniel Tanner, the president of the company.
The LEO forbid me from bringing my little cannon ever again even though all three shots of the day were on the target.

Honestly, it sort of ruined Uwharrie for us and I've made a decision to never shoot again on state or federal land.
I understand why you guys want to keep the place.
It really is a nice range although a little far away from us.

Myself and another person are looking into a chunk of land in SC.
We would like to eventually set up a range and if someone wants to nuke a buick, as long as they clean up the mess, I'm good with it!
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 5:35:36 PM EST
IIRC, Flintlock Valley Shooting Range is owned and maintained by Alcoa Co. but is patroled by "game wardens" for the most part(local LE's every now and then also).

Link Posted: 12/18/2005 8:28:58 PM EST
i'd pay a minimal charge. it's a fun place to go on weekday mornings when u don't get by the weekend 'tards.
Link Posted: 12/20/2005 12:43:07 PM EST

Originally Posted By Dsking85:
i'd pay a minimal charge. it's a fun place to go on weekday mornings when u don't get by the weekend 'tards.

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