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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/16/2005 4:04:24 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 4:20:16 PM EDT by murderman]
Don't flame me, I know this is arfcom, and the carbine isn't mine anyway, just looking for some local support.

I have a friend looking to sell a mini-14; from what I understand, it is stainless with a folder, a 4X Weaver, and some 40-round mags. I'll be having a look at it Saturday, if there are any details that I should be aware of [I am not particularly familiar with the model] other than the obvious condition considerations. No, I am not looking to buy it personally.

Thanks, John
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:13:08 PM EDT
We won't beat you up about the Mini-14, but this belongs in the EE.

Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:18:49 PM EDT
Whoops, my bad...I was more curious about what a reasonable price would be, and thought some locals might be more helpful. I guess that I need to do some editting.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:43:11 PM EDT
It would be good to know the series number so we can tell how old it is and what the barrel twist is. It's good to know if it's a Ranch model or not.

Here's the link to Ruger to check when it was made.

Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:52:33 PM EDT
Excellent link, that is the kind of stuff that I am interested in! Like I said before, I don't know very much about minis, I am just trying to help a buddy out.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:04:30 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 5:58:22 PM EDT by Tonster]

Originally Posted By freemanesq:
We won't beat you up about the Mini-14, but this belongs in the EE.


It only goes in the EE if you want to buy sell or trade.
Simply wanting to know what an item is worth is not an EE topic.

BTW what self respecting AR owner would have a Mini...JK
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:57:53 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Tonster:
It only goes in the EE if you want to buy sell or trade.
Simply wanting to know what an item is worth is not an EE topic.
Man I love how everyone wants to be a Mod.

The original post sounded like he was trying to sell it for his buddy. The first post was edited after my initial post. We're all square now.

Link Posted: 8/16/2005 6:01:45 PM EDT
My bad I just think the "it goes in the EE" is overused.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 7:06:32 PM EDT

Originally Posted By freemanesq:
We're all square now.


Thanks for helping keep a guy on the proper path; I am still learning this board.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 4:50:11 PM EDT
Don't waste your money
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 7:44:42 PM EDT
If it is a used standard mini-14 (non-ranch, standard stock) maybe acouple hundred bucks.

I beleive you can pick up a new mini-14 from walmart for not much over $500.

The mags are only worth an appreciable amount if they are factory ruger. Unfortunately Ruger never made 40s so they are probably either USA or Triple-k with little value.

The good news is that you mentioned it is a folder. If it is a factory folder the Ruger Stainless Folding Stock if in good condition might be the most valuable asset and worth acouple hundred bucks as Ruger does not make them anymore.

Good luck and give us some more details.

Austin, Texas
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 7:53:16 PM EDT
Thanks James; my buddy has plans to bring it with him to the funshow this weekend in an effort to generate some supplemental funds to get a proper EBR. I have advised him to hold off and give me a chance to look at what he actually has, and do some research before determining an asking price....it is his weapon, and his choice.
Link Posted: 8/19/2005 11:53:19 AM EDT

As a point of reference for you, I bought a Mini-14 Ranch, stainless w/ wood stock in excellent shape for $400, including 4 or 5 mags and a soft-sided case, and the guy threw in 400+ rounds of .223 ammo.

Link Posted: 8/19/2005 2:07:32 PM EDT
I gave $300 for a 98% Ruger mini 14, blued with wood stock and 3 mags.
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