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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 1/9/2006 11:47:24 AM EDT
Report in Ndenway's back yard!
We can bait the critter in if it is still there!

YEAR: 1995


MONTH: September

DATE: 8:30 pm

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Cleveland County

LOCATION DETAILS: it is a little river preserve and very wooded on one side of the river.

NEAREST TOWN: norman, ok

NEAREST ROAD: franklin road

OBSERVED: I went fishing with a friend at Lake Thunderbird about 6 years ago. We started fishing in the afternoon as the day went on we stayed till it got in to the evening. As we were fishing later in the evening me and my friend started hearing strange noise from the other side of Little River which runs in to the lake. It sounded like a very large man breathing and it was getting closer to us. Then me and my friend started to notice the animals around us were going the other way from the noise. It made me think there is something out there and it coming this way. I started to get very nervous because we could hear branches breaking and it was getting closer to the other side of the river. I became real nervous when my friend said look at all the birds flying the opposite way and in a hurry. Then we heard a loud splash in the water and we figured it was time to go. That something was very upset with our presence in the area. I told all my friends about it they thought I was crazy and to this day I have never been back in the area to fish. I have grown up in the southside of Okc all my life towards the lake and have never heard anything like that before and will never forget the sound it made and the animals running away.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the branches I could see on the other side of the river breaking above my head and I knew there was nothing I had ever seen that could do that.

OTHER WITNESSES: just me and my friend

OTHER STORIES: a lot of people say they hear noise outside at night. in that area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: typical fall night not too cold yet.

ENVIRONMENT: deep river and on a known deer hunting area.

Link Posted: 1/9/2006 3:16:55 PM EDT
hell that fucker just heard me walking to the lake to have a swim, he was tresspassin anyway, my property line runs from tecumsee road to the north side of franklin road from 131st east to the lake, lived here all my life and never heard of there being a bigfoot story/sightin in this area, there are jaguars though, I've seen pics of them that were taken by the naturalist at LRSP.

Link Posted: 1/9/2006 8:32:20 PM EDT
: 2003

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Cleveland County


OBSERVED: My family resides close to Norman, Oklahoma, and from 1976 to the present, there have been numerous incidents revolving around Bigfoot, including two sightings in 1976 and one in January 2003, footprints in both mud and snow, several incidents where vocalization was heard, and numerous other accounts of stones being thrown, foul odor being smelled, fruit being taken off of trees, etc. Back in 1976, Bigfoot researcher Bob Stamps and his partner took several plaster casts of footprints and interviewed family members who had heard and seen the creature. The most recent sighting happened in January of this year. My 61-year old brother-in-law was chopping wood and breaking kindling approximately 40 feet from his house near the edge of the woods. It was early evening and he was just about to finish when he happened to look up and caught the sight of the creature out of the corner of his eye. At that point, the creature was approximately 15-18 feet away from him, standing in enough of a clearing so that he could see him from the waist up (due to thick underbrush he could not see any further down). He estimated the creature to be 7-8 feet tall with a slight hunch. He froze for a minute and then dropped the wood that was in his hands and ran inside of the house. By the time he entered the house he was visibly shaken and according to my sister, he was "as white as a ghost." The hair on his arms were standing on end caused by physical reaction of goosebumps due to the state he was in. He was having difficulty breathing and therefore was having a hard time speaking. All he could say was "Buh...buh...buh..." My sister and niece thought he was having a heart attack and were fearing for his life. When he was finally able to calm down, all he could get out was "Bigfoot. I just saw Bigfoot."

Since my brother-in-law was snapping kindling over his knees, we have come to the conclusion that it was this noise that drew the creature to him.

ALSO NOTICED: There was no noticable odor. The creature was approx. 7-8 feet in height; his coat was reddish brown with areas of gray.


OTHER STORIES: I have several stories to relate, too many to write here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Time: Approx. 4-5 PM.
Lighting: Dusk
Weather: Clear

ENVIRONMENT: The property is 2 1/2 acres of mostly open land, except on the west and south side of the property line which is densly wooded. There are several creeks and ravines, ponds and small lakes in the area.

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