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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/12/2003 9:00:19 PM EDT
Alright it's 23:45 (11:45 p.m.) for those who don't know. anyway I talked to Trinity tonight when I was on break, who wants to go shooting this weekend? my wife is going to be busy and it is supposed to be a nice weekend outside.....anyway this board and been pretty quiet this week, so lets get a time together and cycle a few thousand rounds? besides when I was cleaning out my truck today I found 2 cases of XM193 under the back seat so it's kind of like Christmas in June for me, I forgot all about that stuff
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 9:55:42 PM EDT
Self I says.... this could be fun!
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 5:37:46 PM EDT
Why does this always seem to happen when I have to work the weekend?
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 6:14:49 PM EDT
Location? Location? Location? If that XM193 is a problem, I'm sure you'll be able to find a helping hand on the board to help you dispose of it. Come on, everyone chip in and help a guy save all that wear & tear on his weapon.

Seriously, Where were you thinking of hookin' up? Beerjager and I were thinking of going on sat. afternoon. I can only bring two guests to the range I belong to. I'm open to anything within 50-75 miles of Chaska.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 7:05:38 PM EDT
Can't shoot til Sunday if the Gravel Pit is available. Call me tomorrow dpmmn.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 7:30:06 PM EDT
Bummer. Wish I could make it. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be moving one of my friends into my apartment for part (maybe all) of the summer. You'll likely be meeting him and his GF this summer at one of our shoots. He's never touched a gun before, and as a result he's going to HAVE to be taught safety shortly after moving into my APT. I've been trying to get him to go shooting, and he ALMOST went with his GF once when I went with FedGunner last time. But they both chickened out that time. I've got to work on them with more safety so they feel better about going out shooting. They need to experience shooting as a socially acceptable practice. Their misconceptions will have to be broken.

Have fun everybody!!! Be safe.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 7:37:28 PM EDT
I want to shoot some shit.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 9:19:23 PM EDT
OK Trinity wil call in the a.m or until I get in contact with you I am going to head up to St Cloud in the morning and look for a new pick up, hopefully I'll find one I hate driving the wifes car.......she always gives me dirty looks the same one i give her when she is complainin about the guns or going to the range, so If sunday is good for the rest of you guys post it on the board we will set a time to meet and shoot. I think the Armalite can handle the XM193 if not I'll bring one of the DPMS's too, But what the hell I just want to shoot some shit up too, that damn ammo is burning a hole in my magazine box
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