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Posted: 8/30/2005 12:38:07 PM EDT
Straight from email. I no longer have the hosting space to put up the two attachments that are mentioned in the email below. If you are interested in participating (or hosting the files), please contact me at jakeandcarrye@nts-online.net


South/Central 50 Caliber Shooter,

Hi everyone. This is our 1st attempt at getting the word out about an upcoming 50 caliber shooting event by email. We'll see how this works, and we will try to correct problems as we run into them.

Our purpose here is to promote the sport of long distance shooting with the 50 BMG rifle in the South/Central portion of the US. For our purposes, that shall include Texas; Oklahoma; Arkansas; Missouri; Louisiana and Alabama. That does not mean if you live in another state you can't attend or participate, but we are trying to provide a venue for all of us 50 caliber shooters in this area to get away and have some fun over the course of a weekend a couple times a year. If you're from another state please join us. You'll have the best time you've ever had.

As I mentioned in an earlier email, there are a couple of guys who have dedicated themselves to making this project a success. They are:
1. Dr. Bryan McCann Bryan@mccannhunts.com
Office (318) 253-9595 Cell (318) 481-5274
2. Reid Woodward ARmeateaters@aol.com (Reid is also a member of the Board of Directors of FCSA)
Office (800) 852-2359

Please don't be afraid to contact them. They both are much easier to contact by phone than by email. If you need a question answered by email, send the question to me and I'll try to help you out.

Attached to this email are two (2) files.
1. The application each of us will need to fill out if you intend to come down to Waco and shoot the match in October.
2. Release of Liability Form that everyone has to sign before they are allowed to participate in the match.

If you intend to shoot in the match at Waco we need everyone to print these forms out and fill them out. Our purpose here is to get an idea of how many people are going to show up. If you don't want to pay your match fees right now, that's fine. You can pay Bryan or Reid when we get to the match. If you can't print out the form, send Reid Woodward an email with your address and he will mail a hard copy to you.

There are 27 shooting positions at Waco, and we might be limited to only using every other position because of the muzzle blast from the 50 BMG. That will depend on how many people are going to shoot their guns off the ground (as in Hunter Class). By filling out the registration form ahead and getting it to the Match Director (Bryan & Reid) you help them out a lot.

I want to encourage all of you that read this to try to make the effort to join us. If you have never attended a 50 caliber match before, it is perfectly normal to be a little nervous about going. I just want you to know there are enough of us there that will be able to help everyone out that it will not be a problem. Give it a try. The very worse that can happen is, you'll have a great time.

This is just the 1st email we will be sending. Stay tuned and let's put wheels on this event. Please tell any of your friends who might also want to get involved.

Stay safe.

John Burtt
Fifty Caliber Instiute
(405) 390-4174

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