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Posted: 3/30/2009 10:16:25 AM EDT
Do Not Forget. If your in the NY 20th Congressional District, Vote tomorrow, 3-31-09.

Jim Tedisco (R) vs Scott Murphy (D).

It is my understanding that Tedisco has the endorsement of the NY State Rifle Assoc.
Here's a list of newspaper endoresments:

...Local Newspapers weigh in with their endorsements of Jim Tedisco.
Newspapers agree: Jim Tedisco is the best candidate to fight for Main Street jobs, cut taxes, reform government and fight the greed on Wall Street and waste in Washington.

Post Star
"[Jim Tedisco] comes across as part every-man, part street-brawler...While the three-men-in-a-room budget process has driven our state toward insolvency, Mr. Tedisco has been demanding transparency and accountability from the highest levels...Mr. Murphy brings none of Mr. Tedisco's political experience in the trenches and has displayed little indication that he would buck his party or its leaders." (Post Star, "Tedisco is the Choice," 3/29/09)

"Public service, experience and political philosophy are the tipping points that earn Jim Tedisco our endorsement to represent the 20th Congressional District...Despite his minority role, Tedisco earned a reputation as an outspoken bulldog when it came to the state budget and various state and local issues." (Saratogian, "Political Endorsement: Public service, experience", 3/29/09)

Poughkeepsie Journal
"Already, Congress and President Barack Obama have approved hundreds of billions of dollars in funding to jumpstart the economy and stabilize financial institutions. Much of it was needed, but there has to come a point when some in Congress stand up and demand the spending be curbed and not loaded with political pork...Tedisco is a proven fighter in this way." (Poughkeepsie Journal, "Tedisco is best choice for Congress," 3/22/09)

Glens Falls Chronicle
"Maybe [Scott Murphy's] brilliant. He's rich, but we don't really know how he got that way. We just don't know him. We know an ad campaign. There's no way yet that we can grasp his political astuteness, how attuned he is to the character and possibilities of this community, whether he has the backbone to stand up to special interests.
"So far he seems just to toe the Democratic leadership line. That may well win him the election, given the Democrats' current popularity and President Obama's honeymoon with the American people, but I don't think it's nearly enough to earn our vote for United States Congressman." (Glens Falls Chronicle, "Scoop: Tedisco for Congress," 3/26/09)

New York Post
"The Post urges the election of state Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (R-Schenectady)...Democrat Scott Murphy, a newcomer to elective politics, has said little in this campaign to suggest that he'd be much more than a rubber stamp for the high-spending agenda of President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi." (New York Post, "Tedisco for the 20th," 3/26/09)

Ballston Journal
"The simple result of the vote totals will have more effect on the fate of the nation than all the other actions that will be taken by the winning candidate during the next two years. For that reason we urge a vote for Republican James Tedisco...Poorly written legislation, such as the recent federal stimulus bill, which was passed without a single Member of Congress having an opportunity to actually read it, inevitably leads to waste and unintended consequences. The AIG bonus provision, inserted by staff members, without an opportunity for amendment or discussion, is a perfect example of the dangers of haste and lack of accountability." (Ballston Journal, "A chance to send a message," 3/26/09)

Adirondack Daily Enterprise
"Overall, we see [Jim Tedisco] as more real, more independent, more experienced and more involved a lawmaker than Scott Murphy, whom we cannot help but see as a plastic pawn of the national Democratic Party whose abundant money and good looks aren't backed up by a whole lot of substance." (Adirondack Daily Enterprise, "On balance, we choose Tedisco," 3/28/09)

If you live within the 20th CD please don't forget to vote tomorrow, March 31st.

You have a unique opportunity to send a message loud and clear.

Thanks from a Texan,

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