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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/13/2003 9:20:50 AM EDT
Here's a link to their web page (Mission and authority). They a 100% STATE funded,(NO Federal $$$ or interferance) militia. Give it a look over and post what you think.

Link Posted: 7/13/2003 12:04:06 PM EDT
Like the Brit WWII homeguard without guns.

Ture militia in that you have to bring your own gear, but no guns or tactical training is authorized.

They're pretty active, and as noted they have done their mobilization mission of taking over the state NG mission when VNG units have been mobilized.

I think they are lobbying for more things to do, and the war on terror will provide an expanded mission, but I'm too ignorant of exactly what they really do, or how they are organized to see what the future holds. I think they'll probably find a nice niche in mass casualty, disaster relief, crowd control, SAR manpower, etc.

An organized group of volunteer workers seem to be an apt description. I would not expect a hard chargin', snake eatin', super-Rambo, Delta Force outfit. I wouldn't expect them to be "KP's" for the NG either, but I wouldn't expect much in the way of training or mission since they aren't really funded by anyone.

Their websites don't offer much solid info. Great PR stuff, but no details. I suppose the best way to get details would be to e-mail them and ask questions.

Link Posted: 7/13/2003 2:44:19 PM EDT
They direct traffic!
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 3:22:55 PM EDT
I didn't mean to imply that they were super troops, however they seem to be better organized and have better PR than your typical militia.
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 2:49:46 AM EDT
Yeah, they do because they are an official state organization. They have a real mission, and they perform their mission. I would hesitate to call them a "militia" in the true sense of the word though.

According to their websites: no weapons, no weapons training, no tactical training. Hard for me to reconcile that with "militia".

I have no doubt that a vast majority of them own guns and have a good knowledge of which end of the rifle a bullet comes out of. They are also a fine organization that's actually doing something useful, which is far more than the BDU wearing, tin-foil hat, gunshow freaks the American public has come to know as synonomous with "militia".

There are many ways to volunteer to serve your community, and the VaDF is one of them.

Pony_driver- What do you think of them?

Link Posted: 7/14/2003 6:24:00 AM EDT
Honestly I'm still "shy" of the word militia. Sadly I was semi indoc'd durring my time in thePublik Skool System (although I'e always, even as a kid been a conservative). I just came off 5 years active duty in the Army and feel that I did a damn good start on serving my country, now it's time for me to move on to helping further the causes of my fellow gun owners. I still see the "militia" as a bunch of rag tag rednecks that weigh 300+lbs talking about doomsday. Personally I think my time will be better spen within the ranks of the NRA, GOA, and VCDL lobbying and writing letters to our elected reps than by playing traffic cop. Nothing against those that want to do that of course. Clear as mud right? LOL
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