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Posted: 10/29/2006 6:03:33 AM EST
My address is Joliet, IL. but Im actually outside of Joliet proper. When we call the PD Will County responds and quickly I might add.
A couple weeks ago someone busted out 3 windows in my immediate neighbor Joe's late model Expedition. The rocks they threw to break his windows were still in the vehicle. I figured it had something to do with his high school age daughter, jealous kids, whatever. Then sometime late Firday night the drivers side window in my 92' Blazer was busted out!
I have a security camera that covers most of my driveway. My gf's brand new Ford Focus was parked right in obvious view of the cam.
My Blazer was backed in next to the Focus placing the Blazer's drivers side window-the window they broke obviously out of view of the cam. The same night there was a window broken in the bussiness just across the street.
The window is no biggy but it is gonna cost me about $140 (a 720 round can of Radway from Aim) to get fixed.
What does bother me is the perp or perps have on 2 separate occasions busted windows without anyone responding until the next day!! Now, if i were a drug crazed-drug craving punk with nothing to lose I would be thunkin that I could break a different window to gain entry into the house.
Everything in my house is just 'stuff' and can be replaced. I keep just the house gun here and when I leave the house it is unloaded and trigger lock installed. It's my gf and little dog 'Weiner' that is important to me.

Link Posted: 10/30/2006 6:35:33 AM EST
County is always a little slow especially in the cities since most of their problems are out in the country . i talked to a will county and he told me that sometimes it takes a while to respond since they cover sometimes 14 miles of area so if they are at the far end of their area on normal travel then itll takes 20 minutes or so to get there. and if there is a major accident or somehting else going on they wont be in a hurry for a broken window or someone stealing cigareettes out of a tobacco shop( a tenants).
that was one of the things going around for reelction is hiring mores sherrifs and cutting more admin jobs at the dept.
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