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Posted: 8/27/2005 6:50:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 7:04:36 AM EDT by MormonComputerZ]


Southwest Florida ARFCOM Informal - August 21st, 2005
727 MB - MPEG2 Encoded (See below to install the MPEG2 Codec)
Right Click here and select Save Target As... to begin your download.

Free DVD Available to Attendee's
For those of you who attended the shoot and would like a DVD Copy of it,
please send me a shipping address. Also please signify if you'd like a copy of
the 4th ARFCOM Informal on DVD as well. No IM, No Address, No DVD. So there...

Dan, I already got your address. I'll send you both copies.

MPEG-2 Codec
If you've installed this before, you do not need to do it again!
Click here to download the Zip file containing the executable.

Codec Installation Instructions
1. Extract entire Zip file into a folder on your desktop or another location of your choice.
2. Double-Click the MPEG-2.exe file.
3. Stinkys' MPEG-2 Codec Installer will appear.
4. Click the Install Codec button on the right.
5. You're good to go and ready to watch the video!


All files are hosted on a FAST server. Take advantage of the fast download!
Sorry for the large file size. Still working on MPEG4.

Post Script
Finally, give me some feedback on this video please. Music selection, shots, transitions, etc. What did you like? What did you dislike? What would you do differently? And do you like the "Easter Egg's" in the very end of the film?
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 9:52:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 9:54:19 AM EDT by repub18]
is there a DVD download in the works?
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 10:12:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 10:13:09 AM EDT by MormonComputerZ]
Yes. I still have to get the ISO cut and then uploaded. I'll update the thread when that is available for download.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 12:58:38 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 12:58:54 PM EDT by repub18]
very nicely done video

cant say I would change anything personally as it looks like you know what you are doing.

who was the guy who flew there?
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 1:23:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 1:23:30 PM EDT by MormonComputerZ]

Originally Posted By repub18:
who was the guy who flew there?

His online name is QantasCpt., real name Mike. He's the guy that is in the red shirt in the video. I know him through my Battlefield 2 Clan. He's originally from Australia but is here in America getting his Commercial Pilot's License. As soon as he obtains that, he's moving back to Melbourne and wants to fly for Qantas Airlines.

Thank you for the compliments.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 11:06:37 PM EDT
I really liked video!

Until MormonComputerZ have MPEG4 version ready i encoded video to divx ( size 153 mb ) and you can download it at this link h http://www.powwows.com/gathering/images/smilies/gun_band.gif http://www.powwows.com/gathering/images/smilies/user.gif
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 5:21:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/28/2005 5:23:00 AM EDT by MormonComputerZ]
Thank you for that ar15club. I have tons of codecs to encode them in but for the life of me I can't get them encoded w/o sacrificing quality. Maybe I need a more up-to-date DiVX Codec to do them in.

As far as the DVD ISO download, I need to know an interest in who would download an ISO and burn it to DVD. If the demand is small, I will not upload the ISO as it is just over a Gig in file size. Repub... IM Sent.
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 7:55:47 PM EDT
i'll take an ISO of the dvd I'll then torrent it. i can burn off a copy for the guys at FF.
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