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Posted: 9/2/2005 11:45:13 AM EDT
This class teaches you the fundamentals and dynamics of carbine rifle handling. You will learn the techniques of how to run your carbine efficiently and will also be taught how to shoot it smooth to be fast. It is aimed at teaching Civilian gun owners, Competitive shooters who shoot in 3 Gun matches, Law Enforcement personnel who carry patrol rifles in patrol vehicles whilst on duty. Weapon handling skills are perishable if you do not train on a regular basis and need to be kept up to speed. This is not a basic course, if fact it is a very physical class. People driving down from Iowa to attend. Any semi-automatic rifle will do, open sights or red dot optics welcome.

Course dates: September 17th, 18th (Saturday and Sunday)

Course duration: 2 full days (8 – 9 hour days)

Starting times: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Range: Pigeon Hill, St Joseph, Missouri

Tuition: $250 ($100 deposit to secure a place)

Ammo: 1200 rds of your carbine caliber, 400 rds for pistol caliber

This class will be very informative and will take a toll on your body and hands. Please make sure that you are medically and physically fit and motivated for this class as you will be spending a lot of time out on the range in the sun and shooting a lot of repetition drills and from various positions. It is not for you average shooter, it will push you to your limits.

Please feel free to call or email Wade Rorich at (816) 200 8870 or bushidotactical@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Sponsored by SRT Group – Bill Regina (816) 699 4005

Course Content:

 Range safety rules and commands
 Combat mindset
 Carbine nomenclature and weapon accessories
 Sighting in your rifle
 Pre-test
 Rifle handling: Proper equipment placement, stance, grip, breathing, trigger pull, sight alignment, shooting placement, various reloading options, bilateral shooting, malfunction drills, various shooting positions, weapon transitional drills, various distance shooting, slings.
 Post test
 Conclusion

Equipment list:

 Ball cap or hat
 Shooting glasses
 Ear plugs or muffs
 Shooting gloves or band aids
 Camelbak hydration system or water bottle
 Range chair
 Hand towel
 Sun screen
 Protective knee pads (elbow pads – optional)
 Decent outside pistol belt holster – leather, kydex or duty
 Decent outside belt magazine pouch (at least to hold 2 spare magazines for pistol or carbine but only if you have one for the carbine)
 Decent leather belt
 Rifle sling (for on your rifle optional)
 Ammo: 1000 – 1200 rds (for the rifle caliber of choice)
400 rds (for your pistol as a secondary weapon)
 Spare firearm or spares (incase your primary rifle breaks during the class)
 Primary rifle – (what you own or compete with)
 Pistol – for weapon transition drills
 Spare rifle magazines – 2 x (minimum, more the better)
 Spare pistol magazines – 2x (minimum, more the better)
 Magazine loader – if you own one

Anyone wanting to attend must make prior arrangements and pay a deposit to secure a spot in the class. Only 15 slots available and 6 are gone already.
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