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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/2/2003 3:57:15 AM EDT
Here is some info from the VCDL

VCDL has now posted the 2003 Candidate Surveys. Election day is
*this* Tuesday, so please take a few minutes to check the survey
answers for candidates running in your district.

The response rate was much lower than VCDL had hoped for, so the
survey may not be useful to many of you. Please check it anyway.

The main page has the 14 questions on the survey with links to the
Senate and House responses to those questions.



VCDL-PAC would like its members and supporters to know that it has
endorsed the following candidates. Please make sure you look for the
following candidates on your ballot this Tuesday, November 4, 2003.

SHERIFF: Fairfax County. VCDL-PAC endorses Democrat STAN BARRY for
reelection. Stan Barry has restored professionalism and a new respect
for the rights of gun owners with in the Sheriff's Department. Under
previous Sheriffs, citizens seeking a Class III firearm had to overcome
numerous bureaucratic hurdles in order to have their applications
processed. Some applicants even had to sue the previous Sheriff in
order to have their applications properly processed! Now, these
applications are processed on an orderly and professional basis thanks
to the leadership of STAN BARRY.

is running for the Board of Supervisors. Prince William County voters
should be sure to go to the polls and vote for ROBERT MCBRIDE.

Authorized by the Chairman, George Pettit, VCDL-PAC VA 01-042


We are rapidly heading towards November 4, 2003, and you will have a
chance to elect some solid pro-gun candidates. VCDL-PAC had assembled a
list of good guys who we are supporting based on their public records
and their responses to our survey. We urge everyone to do what they can
to elect these fine candidates. THE NEXT 7 DAYS ARE CRITICAL!


Arlington County: For the first time in living memory, voters in
Arlington and Falls Church will have a pro-gun candidate to vote for.
KAMAL NAWASH is running against anti-gun Senator Margaret Whipple.
Kamal Nawash has turned in a 100% pro-gun survey and deserves your vote
on November 4. Contact information: 703-824-1880

Fairfax County: Pro-gun Senator KEN CUCCINELLI needs your support. Ken
is under attack by a well-financed, anti-gun politician. Please contact
Ken's campaign staff and give him whatever support you can. Contact
information: 703-766-0635

Roanoke: BRANDON BELL is running for the Senate from the Roanoke area.
Brandon has turned in a 100% pro-gun survey, and deserves your support
this election day! Contact information: 540-989-2882

Shenandoah Valley: MARK OBENSHAIN has turned in a solid pro-gun survey
and deserves your support. Mark has made it clear he wants to represent
you in the Virginia Senate. The anti-gun Virginia Senate definitely
needs more pro-gun voices. Please call the Obenshain campaign and do
what you can do to get Mark elected! Contact information: 540-437-3126

Martinsville (South Side): Incumbent Senator W. ROSCOE REYNOLDS has
consistently bucked his Democratic colleagues and votes pro-gun. This
Democrat (may there be more of them some day) remains a true believer in
your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Contact information: 276-638-2315

Link Posted: 11/2/2003 3:58:05 AM EDT


Appomattox: Delegate WATKINS ABBITT is running again as an independent
for the House of Delegates. There probably is not a more consistent
pro-gun candidate in the House of Delegates. Origninally a Democrat,
Delegate Abbitt has chosen to remain the independent voice of gun owners
and deserves your support. Contact information: 434-352-2880

Fairfax County: MIKE GOLDEN is running for the House of Delegates from
the Springfield area in Fairfax county against anti-gun incumbent
Delegate Jim Dillard. Mike has turned in a 100% pro-gun survey and is
making inroads against one of the most determined anti-gun politicians
in the House of Delegates. Call Mike and volunteer some help in these
last few days. Contact information: 703-912-7586

Loudoun County: Delegate DICK BLACK is under attack by not one, but two
anti-gun opponents. The so-called moderates in the Republican Party are
determined to undermine the re-election of this friend of the Second
Amendment. Dick has been there for gun owners, successfully enacting
pro-gun amendments to the Virginia Firearms Preemption law this year!
Thanks to Dick, anti-gun localities can no longer ban the carrying of
firearms by permit holders. Contact Information: 703-406-2951

Prince William County: Pro-gun Delegate SCOTT LINGAMFELTER is being
challenged by anti-gun Dave Brickley for the House of Delegates.
Delegate Lingamfelter has introduced legislation that would benefit gun
owners through out Virginia, as well as blocked anti-gun legislation
from getting out of committee. His opponent, on the other hand,
compiled an anti-gun record while serving in the House of Delegates.
The choice in this race could not be clearer. You can help Scott by
calling his campaign. Contact information: 703-580-1294

Prince William County: Your support during the primary was DECISIVE in
JEFF FREDERICK's win over an 18-year anti-gun incumbent. IT IS CRITICAL
support. Please call the Frederick campaign and volunteer help.
Contact information: 703-490-8405

Virginia Beach: Delegate JOHN J. WELCH is one of the few office holders
in Tidewater Virginia who is genuinely pro-gun. Delegate Welch
introduced a pro-gun bill that would have established civil immunity for
anyone who used a gun in his home to protect his family. The bill
passed the House of Delegates by a vote of 100 to 0, only to die in the
anti-gun Virginia Senate. This is a man for the future from an area of
Virginia that has few pro-gun public officials. Please do your part and
support John Welch's reelection! Contact information: 757-340-2800

Spotsylvania County & Fredericksburg: Delegate MARK COLE has sponsored
true reform of Virginia's Firearms Preemption law and deserves your
support this November 4. Mark's bill would have finally done it right,
and eliminated the grandfather clause that keeps so many out of date and
oppressive local gun control laws on the books. Mark is committed to
doing it right, and we need to support him. Contact information:

Roanoke: WILLIAM FRALIN is running for the House of Delegates on a
solidly pro-gun platform. He has turned in a survey that is 100%
pro-gun and deserves your support! Contact information: 540-772-7600

Newbern: W. MORGAN MORRIS, JR. has turned in a 100% pro-gun survey and
promises to be someone we can work with. Please help elect Morgan to
the House of Delegates this November 4! Contact information:

Victoria: Delegate THOMAS WRIGHT is running for reelection and has
turned in a 100% pro-gun survey. He has supported VCDL's legislative
agenda in the past, and we need to be sure he is reelected! Contact
information: 434-696-3061


Loudoun County: STEPHEN SNOW, a VCDL member, is running for Supervisor
for the Dulles District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and
is deserving of your support. Please make sure you look for him on the
ballot on Election Day. If you can help, please contact him at

Warren County: VCDL member DENNIS FUSARO is running for supervisor in
Warren County. Dennis has been a fighter for the rights of gun owners
for many years, and VCDL-PAC is fully behind his election bid.

Authorized by VCDL-PAC · George Pettit Chairman · VA-01-042
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 9:18:24 AM EDT
VA-gunnut, thanks for the posting the information.

I'm not sure if other board members experienced this or not, but in my districts the incumbants ran unopposed. Sadly, the incumbants are both anti-gun politicians and did not respond to the survey.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 5:47:06 PM EDT
That's got to suck when you don't get at least two choices in an election. The NRA also had a list of all the elections and it seemed that a great majority of officials in the state are at least somewhat pro-gun. I saw a lot of Dems with A ratings from the NRA. Hopefully the restaurant ban will go away next year.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 10:51:40 AM EDT
Both the House and Senate districts that I live in were written off to the Democrats in the last re-districting. The Republicans rarely even run a candidate for state office anymore. Including this election cycle. Neither House or Senate candidate returned their VCDL survey. But we are fortunate to have a fairly socially conservative state legislature that, as a whole, takes an interest in gun owners rights. Hell, look at what's going on up in Maryland. In a few years, they won't be able to legally purchase squirt guns.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 10:51:55 AM EDT
What the hell are all these Anti-Gun Republicans doing in our state?

Is there someone at the State Republican office we can write to to voice our concern with Virginia's GOP support for these candidates?

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 11:00:20 AM EDT
I now have a Senator named Puller. Toddy Puller. What the hell kind of name is that? It would sound kinky until you got a look at her. She ain't exactly easy on the eyes.

Anybody know what kind of gun record she has?
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 11:04:42 AM EDT

Originally Posted By cliffy109:
I now have a Senator named Puller. Toddy Puller. What the hell kind of name is that? It would sound kinky until you got a look at her. She ain't exactly easy on the eyes.

Anybody know what kind of gun record she has?

I believe she is a F-.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 11:36:33 AM EDT
That figures. I must be on the border with Lingamfelter's because I got literature from both. It wasn't until I entered the polls that I realized he wasn't a choice. I voted for the Republican, but I did see that ho-bag outside the library as I was leaving.

Damn she's ugly. So ugly that her opponent actually put her picture on his campaing literature so you knew what he was running against. Kinda funny I thought.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 11:46:48 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/5/2003 3:03:45 PM EDT by SHIVAN]
Toddy Puller is the widowdaughter-in-law of the most decorated Marine; "Chesty" Puller.

No, she is definitely unattractive to the eyes and the gunsafe.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 2:40:59 PM EDT

Originally Posted By SHIVAN:
Toddy Puller is the widow of the most decorated Marine; "Chesty" Puller.

No, she is definitely unattractive to the eyes and the gunsafe.

Are yo usure Ed? Chesty wasn't a young buck in Korea, and that was 50 years ago....

He died in '71. If he was alive, he would be 105.

Might this be a daughter?
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 2:45:06 PM EDT
From her website:

Toddy married Lewis Puller, a young Marine on his way to the Vietnam War. Less than three months into his tour in Vietnam and only a few months after they were married, he was nearly killed by a booby trap. He lost both of his legs and six of his fingers.

Lewis earned his law degree from William and Mary. Afterwards, they settled with their son and daughter in Northern Virginia. Toddy was actively involved as a volunteer in the schools, the PTA, the United Community Ministries and numerous other organizations.

The book Fortunate Son, written by Lewis about his life experiences, won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. For more than 25 years after he was severely wounded in Vietnam, he was confined to a wheelchair and battled ongoing depression and constant pain. Finally, it ended when he took his own life. Yet during those years Lewis helped countless people and touched the lives of everyone who knew him.

Not "Chesty", but another Marine named Lewis Puller. Could be Chesty's daughter-in-law, but she would have played that up on her site....

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 3:03:12 PM EDT
Daughter-in-law.......my bad.

Lewis Puller, Jr
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 6:41:34 PM EDT
I just got this email today:

Elections - gun owners/ pro-gun candidates did very well!

It was a little scary for a while as the turnout in most of the state
was so very light. But with your help victories abounded!

And a Board of Supervisors seat now belongs to a VCDL member to boot!

Of the 19 races that the VCDL PAC had endorsed a pro-gun candidate,
we had 14 wins, and three EXTREMELY close loses!

Of particular interest were the races for Delegate Black and Senator
Cuccinelli's districts. Both were targeted by tons of money and lots
of volunteers from out-of-state. They both won handily! These races
were very important to the PAC because of the front-and-center
pro-gun philosophies of both men. Once again this election shows
that being pro-gun is a political asset in Virginia.

Here is a run down:

Senate -

+ Ken Cuccinelli beat his opponent by 53% to 46% in Fairfax. Ken has
been strong winning streak since he first ran for office.

- Kamal Nawash lost his race handily - I heard there was some other
baggage that hurt him

+ Brandon Bell won in the Roanoke area 56% to 43%

+ Mark Obenshain creamed his opponent in Shenandoah 67% to 31%

+ Rosco Reynolds creamed his opponent in Martinsville by a similar 67% to 32%

House -

+ Watkins Abbitt creamed his opponent in Appomattox by the same 67% to 32%

- Mike Golden lost handily to Jim Dillard in Fairfax

+ Dick Black swept his race by 52% to 36% in Loudoun

+ Scott Limgamfelter from Prince William won comfortably by 55% to 45%

+ Jeff Frederick, who the VCDL PAC has been helping since the
primaries, won handily in Prince William by 56% to 43%

+ John Welch of Virginia Beach, who is a chiropractor, snapped the
spine of his opponent big-time with a 61% to 38% win

+ Mark Cole, who came out of the gates last year with a major,
no-holds-barred preemption bill, demolished his opponent from
Spotsylvania by 71% to 28% !!!

+ William Fralin creamed his Roanoke opponent by 62% to 31%

- This is a sad one: Morgan Morris LOST BY 50 VOTES!!! I don't ever
want anyone to tell me that their vote doesn't count. 50 votes :(

+ Thomas Wright won his race, which was uncontested. Thomas still
wanted the PAC's endorsement and his support of gun owners is

County Supervisor -

+ VCDL member Stephen Snow is now on the Loudoun Board of
Supervisors. He won by a large 57% to 42% margin

- VCDL member Dennis Fusaro running for the Warren County Board of
Supervisors LOST BY 131 VOTES!!! See my comments about Morgan Morris

- VCDL member Robert McBride lost his run for a Prince William Board
of Supervisors seat


+ Stan Berry buried his opponent in Fairfax in his bid to be Sheriff
by 61% to 38%


The above were those who the VCDL PAC endorsed. Most other pro-gun
delegates that the VCDL PAC did not endorse (usually because an
endorsement was not requested) also won. Of particular note is
Delegate Lee Ware, who knocked the stuffing out of his opponent. His
opponent made the bad mistake of running on a platform of NOT
REPEALING THE RESTAURANT BAN. What did that silly mistake cost him?
He got a miserable 25% of the vote!

VCDL and the VCDL PAC would like to congratulate all of the pro-gun
people who won their elections and we look forward to working with
them in the coming years. Those victories will help us get back our
gun rights.

We would also like to send our regrets to those who lost, and lost by
such small margins, too. Hopefully we will see them running in the
future to recapture what they so narrowly lost!

Finally, I repeat my statement above - being pro-gun is a political
asset and not a liability in Virginia. With the victories behind us
(and a few sad losses), it is now time for VCDL to roll up its
sleeves and start the ground work to repeal the restaurant ban,
finish fixing preemption, improve reciprocity, and various other
things! January is only 2 months away now...
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