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Posted: 9/20/2005 5:59:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/22/2005 11:31:44 AM EDT by Tate]
Yes, this is posted over in GD - just wanted to put it here too for the folks who don't surf GD much.

I am working for a company that is contracted to do blue tarp installations in middle/north Mississippi. We have had some attrition recently due to folks getting tired of waiting for orders to go. We need crewpersons and crew foremen - maybe some supervisors too. You will need to be in Mississippi a minimum of eight weeks straight working seven days a week, twelve hours a day. We might work for much longer and perhaps in other states. You are welcome to stay with us, or leave after the eight week period.

No expenses are paid. You are covered by workman's comp from FEMA. You will need to have the funds and gear to sustain yourself in a campsite/motorhome environment for two weeks with no income. After two weeks, pay is weekly. Pay is $.025 per sq ft for crewmen, $.03 per sq ft for foremen, and a little better for supervisors. Supervisors are promoted from within and chosen by the owner of the company. After a learning curve of a few days, crews will be required to lay a minimum of 10,000 sq ft of tarp a day. A very average crew will be able to lay 12,000 sq ft a day, with a good crew laying 15,000 sq ft without difficulty.

We will caravan from Dallas (Big Town parking lot - FYI, North Texas crew!) together when we get the call to go. Contracts are in place, it's a sure thing, but the timeframe is unknown. Could be tomorrow, could be ten days from now.

If you are interested, an application, I9, and W4 will be faxed to you today. We need holes in our crews filled asap. A construction background would be nice, but by no means a prerequisite.

Crewmen will need work boots, white hard hat, tool belt, claw hammer, knife and blades. foremen will need the same plus 16' and 24' ladders. Trailer, generator, and other tools would be a plus.

We are using Paslode cordless 30 deg framing nailers - $379 @ Home Depot. Fuel is $12 per two pack - your crew will use an average of one two pack a day. Crewmwn are expected to chip in $100 to the foreman for the cost of the guns, supervisors chip in $150 - at least that's how I'm running my group of crews.

Send an email to AR15FAN@AIRMAIL.NET if you are interested.


unskilled, crappy crew - 10,000 sq ft per day average - $250 a day for crewmen - $300 a day for foremen.

average crew - 12,000 sq ft per day average - $300 a day for crewmen - $360 a day for foremen

good crew - 15,000 sq ft per day average - $375 a day for crewman - $450 a day for foremen

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Originally Posted By mojo:

BTW, we have better stay on track, or Tate will kick our ass for hijacking his thread.

Naaahhhhh. Don't piss off the mods!

I'm not dumb.

Any update on your family in H-town, Mojo?

I hope all turned out well with their "road warrior" reenactment.
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