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9/17/2020 5:59:48 PM
Posted: 8/13/2011 4:51:25 PM EDT
I'm thinking of giving my 16 y/o nephew a Mosin-Nagant 91/30, (well, it'll be going to his mother, my sister)
Obviously its not an "assault weapon",but it is a centerfire military rifle.
Anyone KNOW what steps to take?
I've heard
1 Cant be done, no more firearms imported.
2 Find a OKLA.FFL that has signed up (?) to ship to a Ca. FFL.(No one around here's up for that)
3 Just contact a Ca. FFL and ship it to him.
4 Other?
There's lots of mystery and mis-information about the ins and outs of Ca. laws.
Assume the recipient can pass a 4473 and whatever else is necessary.
Any help?
Oh, if it matters, it would be going to San Diego.
Link Posted: 8/14/2011 12:45:28 AM EDT
Ship to CA FFL.

CA FFL transfers to sister.

Link Posted: 8/14/2011 10:48:54 AM EDT
Originally Posted By leelaw:
Ship to CA FFL.

CA FFL transfers to sister.



Now, some CA FFLs may - as personal store policy - not want to receive guns from non-FFLs regardless if it's legal.

Others will, so it varies.  Some may well require a photocopy and fax of the seller's drivers license/ID just for protective
recordkeeping purposes (stolen gun drama etc.)

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA
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