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Posted: 9/18/2004 7:43:16 PM EDT
I want to thank everyone who climbed the hill for the Hoosier Shoot today. Your courtesy, generosity, and appreciation for the opportunity is unmatched by any group I've associated with during this campaign. My friends and family were very impressed with the class displayed by everyone.

I am grateful for the time you all took to police the property. It was left in outstanding condition considering what took place. Based on this initial experience, I have no reservations about hosting another shoot.

M4Madness deserves kudos for the professional way he promoted this event and for graciously supplying his precious Class 3 weapon for us to use. My wife, who got to fire his M-16, has a great story to tell all her friends! And to Mechaniac; thanks for letting us destroy your handiwork. I'm sure your next creation will laugh in the face of our ammo!

I also want to thank my old college roommate, Bill, for coming in from Kentucky and cooking our chili, among other tasks.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to all who donated to my campaign today and to those who will donate by mail. Good government begins when qualified candidates can run competitive races. You all helped me to become more competitive today and I feel truly honored by your support.

Arfcomers are the best!

TheCommissioner (hopefully to change to TheRepresentative on November 2)

Link Posted: 9/19/2004 6:22:42 AM EDT
Thankyou for sponsoring this event. It's the first time in over a year that I've had a chance to rip loose.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 6:45:24 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 3:41:05 PM EDT by M4Madness]
A huge thank you to you, Paul, for the largest contribution to the shoot itself--the land. Without your generous donation of a range, none of this would have been possible. I sincerely hope that you overcome your political opponent in the November election and attain the well-earned title of State Representative of District 63. We definitely need someone like you in the statehouse. I'm looking forward to seeing your screen name changed from "TheCommissioner" to "TheRepresentative".
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 3:34:50 PM EDT
I agree with M4Madness, its you we should be thanking. None of us would have had the chance for such a great time.

Thank you.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 3:50:30 PM EDT
Dittos on the appreciation. I haven't had a better day shooting before. This was really memorable. Thanks!
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 4:03:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 4:04:19 PM EDT by TheCommissioner]
This is what politicians call "earned media." Scroll halfway down the page.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 4:10:26 PM EDT
HAHA thats great!

"The fund-raising invitation, by the way, included a warning rarely seen on such documents: 'If you come, be sure to bring eye and hearing protection.'"

Link Posted: 9/19/2004 4:16:08 PM EDT
Im really sorry that I was not able to make it. Look forward to making it to the next one. If all goes well I will no longer be an overseas contractor very soon, perhaps a "Crane" operator if yall know what I mean and be able to meet someone other than QS (Luv ya like a step brother) bro
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 4:39:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 4:44:39 PM EDT by Zoub]

Originally Posted By TheCommissioner:
This is what politicians call "earned media." Scroll halfway down the page.

Great! And you backed up your claims too. Show me a louder fund raiser in the history of Hoosier politics. Also, I think a great stepping stone to future gatherings elsewhere in Indiana.

Class act all the way Paul. I really appreciate the effort made by everyone. You are the kind of person we need in public service to our State. Great way to intro a new shooter to the sport too. All I had to do was hand her mags and everyone helped out.

Thanks again.

PS I will send you a super secret message on where I saw the covey of quail on my way out.....
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 7:32:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 7:50:35 PM EDT by Shooter521]
Man, this event on Saturday and the GSSF shoot in Missouri on Sunday made for one heck of a one-two punch this weekend. I'm absolutely exhausted, but can't recall having a better time shooting, in recent memory!

Thank you so much for hosting this gathering, and TIA for hosting the Level II in a couple weeks. I have told my friends who accompanied me to the event to send you a campaign donation if they have not already done so. Hope you raised at least enough to make it worth your time and effort to be there with all of us. Great blurb in the Star, BTW! I don't suppose any of the press actually showed up, did they?

Nice meeting you, finally, and thanks a TON for the trigger time on the Benelli and the M16.

Quail? My wife and I saw a group of wild turkeys as we hiked back down to the parking lot on our way out... three adults and probably 8 or 10 little ones. Hopefullythat means good hunting for Paul come spring!

Nice catching up with you again, bro. It's silly that we're practically neighbors and only see each other at out-of-town gatherings. That new build of yours is slick as hell. Gotta go order a couple 9mm buffers now.

We Purdue people gotta stick together and all... but for forgetting the AR-50 ammo, you suck!

Thanks for the ride up the hill!

And now, a few assorted pics:

Link Posted: 9/20/2004 1:58:35 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 5:30:22 PM EDT
Thank you sir for allowing us to share such a fine peice of land for the day, and enjoying the company of like minded folks.
I also want to wish you the best of luck from myself , MrsGungho and for beleiving in a Right that with your help and leadership that someday my son LilGungho_ may also grow up to enjoy.
You have our kindest Regards and hopes for a succesfull campaign.

<­BR> Dang I miss spell check
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 12:26:07 AM EDT
Thanks again for letting us use the land! Awesome time. Shooter, Ya Purdue folks have to stick together. Man, I'm hard pressed to describe how retarded I felt hauling that beast out there and forgetting the ammo. Its not even my rifle, but I'm sure I'll get it out there next time.

Whats that joke about knowing your a gun nut, when you have ammo for guns you don't own?
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 6:26:04 PM EDT
This event could not have been any better.
I anxiously awaited the day and was not disappointed.

The shooting area was if it was designed for this type of get together.

Paul, I hope you consider making this an annual tradition.
I'll tell you that every time I see you for a while.

If anyone in southern Indiana has a similar day planned, please be sure to announce it here.

I became a member of this site because of this day.
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 6:29:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 7:54:09 PM EDT
Welcome aboard!
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 2:50:32 PM EDT
Collateral_dinger, glad you had a good time. I'm hoping that there is a next time as well.
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 4:56:57 AM EDT
Nest time you guys have one please keep me posted as I want to attend. I had something going on that weekend. I would like to bring lots of full auto hardware out. Commish good luck in the upcoming elections! If you were in my area you'd have my vote.hug.gif
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