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Posted: 5/1/2015 7:40:24 PM EDT
For the May training post I would like to address this topic on a variety of things. Probably step on a toe or two, so excuse me.

We sometimes get in a pattern of doing this or that a certain way, buying the same products because it works and so on. Never venturing out to see if there is something better on the market, or a better way to do whatever.

Handguns: Manufacturers are putting out some really nice features on weapons today. Some even getting away from the "Lawyer Trigger Pull" as its known. Lighter weight for carry, rails for whatever is needed. Better sights on some of the full size models. Be it pistol or revolver there are some really nice ones on the market. Don't go by what the gun rag says, check it out for yourself. Get it in your hand see how it feels, look for its features that may serve you better. This could get long, but you get the idea.

Rifles: The AR is still a work in progress. It can do about anything you want it too. So much so I proposed to one last week but she hasn't given me an answer yet. Seriously have you tried the piston yet? I know a Prairie Dog shooter that made a kill at 1000 yards with his 16 inch AR (gas), but there are some that say oh he's a good rifleman (sure he is). Then he had the optics (yes he did) and so on with the excuses to justify their point of view. These new weapons on the market work better than their 20 year old counter part. Technology keeps getting them better and better. We can talk about it more if you like.

Gear: Still using what you started out with huh? Why? Manufacturers are making lighter weight better fitting holsters that ever before. Have you ventured out with maybe a different method of carry? Again why? I'm a big fan of strong side carry, BUT there are times I like my shoulder rig, if going to be driving for long periods a cross draw is better for me. Your choices are limited only by your physical ability to get the tool in use quickly if needed.

Trainers: Mississippians have a bunch a good ones to choose from. In all price ranges and levels of experience. Some offer a range with all forms of shooting. Just because you have been to the top training facility in the country, don't think your local trainer dosen't have something to offer. It's thinking outside the box. Take their class, any my guess is, you will learn something new.

As always, we can discuss this further, just post your thoughts.
Link Posted: 5/2/2015 9:55:16 AM EDT
Ammo: You have bought the same thing for 30 years, never considering new offerings on the market. Ammo is something that probably has the most innovation of all. Some offer lighter weight for carry, some with much improved performance even in the smaller caliber's. The performance of some is making the so called BUG gun a real performer.

I like to test ammo on a coconut, not looking to recover the round and measure expansion. I'm more interested in what it did to the coconut.

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