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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/14/2003 1:37:25 PM EST
The Bad:

1. Clinton county is filling up. Lots of "rural" farm property has been parceled off to yuppies and retirees building expensive homes on former farm land. Dewitt Rd and Price Rd being two of the worst.

2. Bikers. There are a sh1tload of Harley types in the Lansing area. Mostly shop rats and Federal employees posing as 1%'rs on the weekends and after work.

3. Lack of night life. Sorry, the food and clubs still suck. The strippers are ugly too. If i still lived there I would be racking up alot of frequent flier miles to Vegas.

4. Drugs & crime: There are alot of crack heads in the Lansing area. Lansing inner city crack heads are as bad or worse as the crack heads in any major city in the world.

5. Immigration: You have alot of Somalies and other African immagrants moving into the mid Michigan area. As a veteran of the Gulf War and Somalia, I'll taking border jumping Mexicans over Somali and Arab refugees any day.

The Good:
My favorite range is still free and uncrowded.(no I wont tell you where it is).

There are some good looking women in the Mid Michigan area. They just all seem to be from somewhere else. I met a Brit ex-pat from South Beach on my last trip.

Still plenty of deer. Too many really. If people would just start killing does and passing on young bucks.

Still plenty of groundhogs. Prairy dogs are fun, but Grounds run fast and absorb multiple hits. Groundhogs remain my varmits of choise.

Cheap dive bars: You can still go to the bar, get something to eat, shoot pool, drink some beers, and be out less than $20.00. You just gotta put up with the farmers in their carharts, the gaurdsmen in their cammies, and the shop-rats in their flannel to do it...
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