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Posted: 10/14/2004 5:57:10 PM EDT
There are plans to put a casino in downtown chicago's "block 37". I think its a good idea

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 9:42:32 AM EDT
I think mc cormick place east building right on the lake wil l be a future casino.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 9:55:02 AM EDT
Just what this state needs another friggin Casino so that 80% of the money Gambled by IL citizens ends up in the state coffers and Vegas Banks.

Great Idea
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 12:27:18 PM EDT
This idea really means nothing to me. I don't live in Chicago and never will. I also do not like Chicago. Chicago is already such a shit hole and already so corupt, what does it matter? I am just perplexed as to how government legislates vice. Government as parent is no government to have.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 12:48:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/15/2004 12:48:49 PM EDT by Doktor]
What about all the property that got freed up at Meigs Field when Hizzoner Jr bulldozed that out from under the rich folks landing their Cessnas?

And you think that Mayor "the Don" Stephens at Rosemont Illinois is going to let this happen without raising the spectre of Sweetness' widow, Connie Payton?

The American Indians will be building one next door soon, anyway.

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 3:25:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/15/2004 3:26:14 PM EDT by jms92]
I agree with patriot73. This will be a great place for Crack heads, hookers, gang bangers to hang out at. Illinois needs another casino like I need another butt hole! A great way to get them welfare dollars back in Dicky and Ronnys pockets! Just as long as they keep them bad gun ranges out of Illinois. That would really be a downward slide of civilization!

Rant Off....

PS: Patriot73 for President 2008 !!!!
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