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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/7/2006 7:09:49 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/9/2006 6:43:19 AM EST by Dusty_C]
Ok most of ya'll know that I've been wanting to build a carbine. I'd wanted it to be all RRA but due to not-quite-having-the-fundage-I-thought-I-was-gonna-have it doesn't have to be. I'll use cheaper parts if they still have the reliability. Chrome lined barrel isn't that important to me because it's gonna be a temporary upper. When the money comes in later I'll be switching to a .458 socom or .50 beowulf carbine and then use this lower to mate to a bull barrel upper to try and throw some good long shots out there.
I'm a newb at this so obviously I'll be needing a ton of help. Today is set aside for research to find the cheapest way to build it. If at all possible I'd like to keep it under $550 bucks. I've been told it's possible. I don't mine an old school A2 style stock either so that'll save a ton of money. All advice would be appreciated and I may be begging for some hands on help in the next few weeks. Thanks guys.

Oh and if any of ya'll have parts that'll work for what I'm wanting, then let me know. I want a flip up rear sight for now as I'll be mounting an Eotech later. And a barrel between 10.5 and 14.5 with a long enough FS to make it legal.

ETA: Is this a good lower parts kit and price or to much?

The RRA "Car A4 upper" is exactly the upper I want to build. Just cheaper than $400 dollars lol.

Flat top upper
prefer a 14.5 barrel with any type of flash hider to get to 16 inches. 1:7 twist.
Hogue grip
Flip up rear sight.
Vertical fore grip

If I don't pick up anything this weekend then Tuesday I'll be picking up a Stag lower and parts kit for $175
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 3:01:05 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 3:17:21 PM EST

Originally Posted By cowboy7242001:
Advise you to go with Adco for your RRA needs. They have the lower parts for 60 I think.

Watch the EE for everything else. Just off the top of my head i've seen in the past few weeks:
Colt A2 Stock - $20
flattop upper - 75
assorted bolt groups in the 70-100 range
dont-know-the-brand lower receiver - 80

All that would give you everything but the barrel for 305 if you got lucky. That gives you alot of room to play in finding a barrel you like.

You may also have some tool costs. How much of it do you want to build? lower, upper, both?

Also, in the next few days I may have a RRA collapsible stock for sale. Cheap for an Arky!

I'd like to build it all. I'll probably need some help on this one I've never built one before. Let me know on that stock. I'd prefer a collapsible stock but will settle for an A2. I was gonna head up there this weekend but I'm gonna stick around for the gun show. I'll be up there sometime in the next month, hopefully I'll have this build done by then and we can go shoot.
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 4:57:11 PM EST
The lowers from RB Precision is a good deal. Right now he has superior arms blemished recievers for $75 shipped. The guys getting these say that they can't tell that there is anyting wrong with them. For $10 more, you can get an unblemished. You can add a LPK for $49 also.

I have a superior arms lower and I love it.

Link Posted: 2/7/2006 5:30:13 PM EST
+1 on the Superior arms lower .
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 5:47:56 AM EST
There is a thread up right now where a few people have said they they got them and they were junk. But if ya'll lie I can throw em at ya'll I don't mind blems, its not like the shooter is gonna be pretty either I'll check em out. Who around here does transfers for cheap?
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 10:22:54 AM EST
Sherwood Pawn Guns & Ammo does for $20
X-Caliber Arms does for *I THINK* $15 -20
And I think Don's does for cost of gun with tax, plus 75%
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 12:26:09 PM EST

Originally Posted By gixxer_sixxer:
Sherwood Pawn Guns & Ammo does for $20
X-Caliber Arms does for *I THINK* $15 -20
And I think Don's does for cost of gun with tax, plus 75%

Don's = dickheads
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 1:52:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/8/2006 1:54:24 PM EST by cowboy7242001]
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 2:34:42 PM EST
Everyone has told me that 1:7 and 1:9 will pretty much be the same for the distances I'll be shooting it at (well under 100 yds) and that 1:9 won't spin the really heavy rounds apart if I try to reach out and touch someone a little further away. If I'm wrong, let me know this is for me to learn. It will just be temporary but temporary for me is a LOT of rounds. I'd guess upwards of 10k.
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 3:17:38 PM EST
I'd go with the 1 in 9 unless your going to be shooting the heaviest bullets 77-80gr. 1 in 9 will take care of everything up to 69 gr.
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 3:34:28 PM EST

Originally Posted By CIB:
I'd go with the 1 in 9 unless your going to be shooting the heaviest bullets 77-80gr. 1 in 9 will take care of everything up to 69 gr.

What has the most power inside 100 yards out of a 14.5 barrel? Thats what I wanna set up to be shooting and then that's the ammo I'm gonna buy and shoot. This will be primarily a Home defense weapon and after that, a competition gun.
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 5:09:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/8/2006 5:15:07 PM EST by CIB]
If your going to use it as a primary home defense weapon, w/o knowing if you are in an highly populated urban area, and or have other persons living in your residence, it's hard to say. In my situation (in my home, as well as my sometimes job of having to go into buildings to take a suspect into custody), I use 55 gr. PSP. They do an enormous amount of damage to soft tissue at close range, but break up quite rapidly in structural matierials minimizing over penetration, and becoming a hazard to other people nearby. In the ATK/Federal LE ammo catalog they recommend the PSP as well as several other bullet configurations depending upon the situation.
If your going for pure accuracy, then Blackhills offers several loadings that may interest you (If you don't handload already). From 69 gr. up thru the Mk 262 offerings. Though as noted above the 77-80 gr. bullet weights will require a 1X8 or faster twist.
Ill try to find the link to the TR article on ammo, and will post it for you here.
Found it: www.trmagonline.com/Winter04/winter04ammotacop.htm
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 5:54:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 4:41:54 AM EST
Anything that'll make it frag at 5 meters? lol I'll drop to a 1:7 though to be able to shoot heavier rounds. With this combo can I get 2-3 moa at 100 meters?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 6:15:31 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 6:36:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/9/2006 8:17:34 AM EST by gixxer_sixxer]
Are you looking at using an AR for INSIDE home defense or OUTSIDE?
If you're wanting something inside, I can tell you - a heavy bullet will not stay in the confinement of you house. And you will be responsable for the bullet once it exits thru a wall or door and ( god forbid ) hits Joe Ed that lives next door. I know ( first hand unforunatly ), that a 55gr spitzer will go thru a ceiling, floor, 2 walls and knock a chunk out of a wood shelf, coming out of a 20" 1/7. A pistol caliber would be better to in-house defense.
I'd look at Mag-safe or Glaser .223 rounds. They are a true fragmenting bullets and very light weight ( you want something that when it hits, dumps all it's energy in the target, and not over penitrate ).
Also look at the range you'll be shooting at. What is the longest possible shot inside your house. Usually it's down a hallway and into a room and usually it's no more than 30 to 60 feet.
And if you're gonna compete with it, forget the carbine lenght, unless you do 3 gun or combat rifle, or something along those lines. And if you're gonna shoot the heavier bullets, check the ojive of the barrel. They can't make heavy bullets bigger around so they make 'em longer and if the barrel isn't made for for it, it'll jack the pressure way up and that's when things get bad.
(edit: *most* true mil-spec. 5.56 barrels will handle up to 77gr. but i'd still check them to be safe)
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 6:42:30 AM EST

Originally Posted By cowboy7242001:

Originally Posted By Dusty_C:
With this combo can I get 2-3 moa at 100 meters?

Very easily if you do your part.

That I can do. Usually,
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