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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/26/2003 2:23:59 PM EDT
Much better than most, maybe the best Albany show I've ever been to.

Lippman Enterprises is there, some cool odds and ends at very cool prices.

Glockmeister is there with all the Glock enhancements, ready to install them on your gun.

Clips-R-Us out of Texas... prices were not the best, but not unreasonable... And they had just about anything you could want. Picked up some USP Compact 40 mags that Helldog was looking for.

Across from Lipmann was a guy selling AR parts... fair prices - lower parts kits with grip for like $55.

Anybody who is a Garand freak, well this is your show.

All in all, a pretty good time and nowhere near the shoulder to shoulder crowds from the Winter show. You could actually move through the aisles.
Link Posted: 7/26/2003 7:41:13 PM EDT
Where was the Albany show held? Last I heard, Ackerman wasn't going to book the "EGG" again because of vendor and patron complaints.
We didn't set-up because the shop owner is on vacation in Ireland.
Link Posted: 7/26/2003 8:44:54 PM EDT
Show is at the Egg, the 26th and 27th. Winter show sucks, too damn crowded. Summer show is more relaxed, better vendors... It was good.
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 2:14:19 AM EDT
The biggest negative for me was showing my ID to the state police at the parking garage and wondering whether they would ask to search my car (they didn't, but there was a big sign that said, "All vehicles subject to search").

I don't allow my car to be searched without a warrant. Hopefully that would have just meant I would have had to turn around and park elsewhere, but you never know...

Next time, I'll park on the street and walk to the Egg.

Seems sort of ridiculous to search cars going in that will be filled with newly acquired guns and ammo going out, eh?
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 3:18:24 AM EDT
Well there concern is a car going in with explosives like the very first WTC attack. I always park on State Street and enter through the LOB plaza entrance.
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 6:18:06 AM EDT
Went to the show on sunday. Went to see Lippman Enterprises / Bob Lippman. He spoke highly of one of the guys on this board. Said he worked for the state. Hirman - would that be you?

Also invited him to follow this board within the hometown so he can attend the shoots.

Other wise the selection was quite limited. Only two guys selling ammo, one guy sell the Yugo SKS, and a few guys sells parts. No black rifles there at all. Actually no AK's, AR's, or anything else. Mostly either hunting rilfes and shotguns, or alot of muzzle load and antiques.

The middle of the floor had the magazine displays, but mostly it was ok. Nothing like the shows in PA. But it was in NY and it was cool none the less.
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 2:26:19 PM EDT
Sterling, black rifles can not be sold in the City of Albany. I was standing at a table when the Troopers showed up and told a dealer he had to take the Mini 30 off the table since it was a prohibited weapon in Albany.

Yeah, I hung out with Lippy for a good 45 minutes shooting the shit. Great guy.
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