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Posted: 12/20/2002 4:03:51 PM EST
Check out the number of replies, etc. on the main page. Why don't we have a forum all to ourselves. "Welcome to AR15.Com / Texas Firearms Enthusiasts."
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 4:09:55 PM EST
I concur
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 4:50:25 PM EST

Yep. Thanks to all you guys.
If there are any trolls around in this forum, we all can just throw him/her out of Texas.

Chuck. Go to the Hun farm?
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 4:57:01 PM EST
i belive i will be at the hun farm.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 5:06:12 PM EST

Originally Posted By Citabria7GCBC:
i belive i will be at the hun farm.

Did you have the direction from the Hun last time? If you don't, you need to get in touch with him.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 5:25:51 PM EST
I will be standing tall on the farm, Sunday, the 28th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 6:22:23 PM EST
I will be there Sat-Mon....
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 7:42:16 PM EST
Check out New England. They have 6 whole states that have a small fraction of the Texas message traffic. I wonder if we can just have them ejected.

Why don't all those little teenytiny states just get together and become one really small state? That doesn't seem right, them having all those senators all in one little place. I reckon Canada would probably fork over some decent cash for that real estate.

Link Posted: 12/20/2002 8:17:27 PM EST
Or, better than selling off our little states, we inviltrate Canada and steal the lower half. Then we sell it back to the British.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 8:35:54 PM EST
And use the money to buy more guns!
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 11:30:28 AM EST
Valkyre - Your ride any around the Houston Area?
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 10:15:23 AM EST
Nah, I'm up near Ft Worth.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 11:20:50 AM EST
It's no wonder y'all have so many posts. Texans are so full of many things, including hot air.

Plus ETH posts here.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 8:29:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 9:40:22 AM EST

Originally Posted By lordtrader:
That's cause the CA crew has their own shooting groups website


Holy Cow! I want to join!!

Link Posted: 1/5/2003 11:04:35 AM EST
That's for the southern Kalifornistanians. Their is an actual California board is calguns.net. And yeah, they have cool shoots.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 11:56:31 AM EST
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