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Posted: 12/20/2016 4:27:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/20/2016 4:33:32 PM EST by rexxin]
I moved here from NH and recently took care of all my vehicles and driver license switch over. I was then looking into the carry license which I was surprised to see stated needing a class to get a license.

I have a current NH carry license but there's no reciprocity agreement between the states for some unfortunate reason. Anyways I've taken NRA basic pistol, as well as 5 entry to advanced level courses at Sig Sauer Academy in NH. Will they accept all of this in leiu of going to some local class?

Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 4:39:34 PM EST
nope, take the class.

What part of Tx...as "here" can get pretty broad...
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 4:57:30 PM EST
Class only takes about 5 or 6 hours depending on how many idiots in there that just keep asking stupid questions.
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 5:16:00 PM EST
Looks like you are in Frisco. Try txconcealedcarry.com. Good class no fluff. You can do the classroom and qualification the same day. Welcome to the area.

Link Posted: 12/20/2016 5:16:08 PM EST
I had to take the class again even though I had a CHL years ago. I just spent 4 years in a ban state and while I was gone my DL/CHL lapsed so I was treated like a new applicant.

I hadn't shot a gun in the 4 years I was in a ban state (I had sold everything prior to leaving) and man, talk about low standards it was still easy as hell to shoot a perfect score. How some people manage to look like they are spraying with a shotgun even at 3 yards I'll never understand.
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 6:07:18 PM EST
If you are in Frisco, go to Riflegear.com anmd sign up.
$50 is it.
Shoot at the Frisco gun club at o dark 30, take an hour to go to the store ( Riflegear) and deal with that shit for about 3-4 hours.

I did the class, got my fingers scanned in Lewisville, and then sent if everything via email.

Had my CHL, LTC, CCW, CWP in about 15 days.
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 7:44:30 PM EST
The class is about local laws and practice, so classes from back home or wherever are not so applicable.
Link Posted: 12/20/2016 9:30:07 PM EST
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Originally Posted By Lmccrock:
The class is about local laws and practice, so classes from back home or wherever are not so applicable.
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This. I have always thought a LTC should be treated similarly to a driver license; your out of state license is valid if you are visiting and for 90 days if you become a resident. Texas doesn't have the ability to suspend an out of state license, so you should have a Texas LTC if you are a resident. More so than driving laws, the weapons and use of force laws are much different from state to state.
Link Posted: 12/21/2016 11:54:59 AM EST
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