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Posted: 8/10/2005 9:27:13 AM EDT
I am currently living in NH, active duty military, and myself, and a military friend are looking for a place to shoot our AR15's - not for strictly "static" shooting, but a place where we can do practical shooting drills where we shoot under movement. I understand common sense and safety being paramount but most ranges I have been to only allow static range lines with no practcal shooting being allowed. I qualify on military/law enforcement weapons every few months but wish to have additional trigger time shooting realistically.

Anyone know of any ranges that are IDPA or tactical rifle friendly? Most that I have dealt with in New England are skittish of any realistic shooting due to liability concerns. That or a "normal" range which charges by use - the only thing close to this I have found is Manchester Firing Line - and its only a 25yd indoor range. (Still can't maneuver and fire downrange).

I've considered getting a yearly membership at a regular membership but since I am PCS'd here in New England - and am deployed over 180 days a year - its simply not economical to spend up to $200 a year to occasionally use a range locally - when I'm never home. I would have no problems creating an ad-hoc range in a gravel pit for a day - if thats allowed anywhere ( worked when I was growing up )
Link Posted: 8/10/2005 6:22:26 PM EDT
Pelham Fish & Game. They are having a Class III shoot this Sunday. Another member and I plan to do some drills first thing in the mourning. Move and shoot, tactical reloads included. Pelham has four open ranges in an area they call the IPSIC range. The ranges are used for IPSIC, Cowboy action, and Class III shoots. I own a M16. I joined so I could have some place to shoot my 16 any time.

Link Posted: 8/11/2005 3:13:39 PM EDT
Thanks for the info IM sent.....
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