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Posted: 8/29/2005 11:49:14 AM EDT

There was a turn out of four people.

Not really what I expected but better than nobody. Everybody had a really good time and asked when the next one would be. I am hoping to do this again in late November on a Saturday starting at 6pm.

There where two coures of fire The actual range portion and the Sim. The sim consists of a 30'x20' room with a rubber floor. The back wall is made up of a projection screen which has a backsstop behind it. The wall also contains a laser net which tells were your shots went. We shot a Virtual plate rack 5 plates at a time 5 times for a total or 25 plates.

Everybody used my personell 9mm AR with a Aimpoint being as how we can only shoot Pistol calibers in the sim.

You were timed for how long it took you to hit the 5 6 inch plates from 21' after which the 5 times where averaged giving you your Average time. The program also gives you your best and worst time but we only used the average for scoring.

The range portion consisted of a very IPSC IDPA lookinf course of fire which was as follows.

Start behind a "DOOR" in Booth 7

Upon go signal "Kick" in door and Engage Target 1 which is behind "HARD" cover while still inside shoot box 1... Note that door activated swinger at station 3

Free fire on targert two while in route to Shoot box 2

With both feet inside Box 2 engage Targets 3,4 5,6 anyway you wanted IE Barricade left, right or both

Move to Shoot box 3 and engage 4 Bullseye target Off-hand 60' away. The Hightest scoring round from each target was used for score.

Move to shoot box 4 and egage 5 "CLAYS" though the 5 Gallon bucket

After all clays have been shot free-fire on targets 7,8,9,10 while staying behind Brown line.

+1 Second for any target not Neutralized

+1 Second for beinge outside of boxes while engaging corresponding targetrs

+1 for each clay left not shot

Each target had to have a least 2 Rounds in scoring lines to be neutralized

Your Average score from the 4 Bullseye targets was deducted from you overall time.

That time was added with you average Sim time and divided by two.

Ken took 1st with an AK
John N. took 2nd with a RRA AR
Bill took 3rd with a Bushy AR

And Brian finished NBQ with my ARMALITE

I did not compete for time.

Here ar the pics of the course...

Thanks to the guys who made it out. Hope you like your trophies. Hope the rest of you can make it out here next time.


Link Posted: 9/4/2005 11:49:19 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:54:04 AM EDT
Wish my schedule allowed attending, looks like fun.
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