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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/2/2003 11:06:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/2/2003 11:07:26 AM EST by commanderjb]
Anyone in the Tulsa area interested in taking a Tactical Rifle and/or Tactical Pistol class in the near future?

If we can get enough people interested, Chris (a/k/a Recruit_Killer) fro ProTac would be willing to hop in his truck for some weekend training. His rates are very reasonable and he offers some of the best training around. You can read more about his courses over in the Texas forum.

Here is the Course Description:
The Carbine Course teaches a range of skills from firearms safety and basic offhand shooting to advanced "runnin an gunnin". The class begins with a review of firearms safety rules and the concepts behind the more advanced techniques taught later in the class. firing line work begins "cold" with a critique of the student‘s stance and basic weapon manipulation drills like magazine changes, double taps and malfunction drills. Then we go hot and begin practicing what we learned in the lecture. Followed by tactically employing the weapon while using cover. Then the pressure is turned up and shoot-no shoot scenarios are presented. If time allows the remainder of the class teaches threat assessment and movement while engaging targets as part of a fluid scenario. The focus of the class is to provide students with skills and mindset they can use to protect their family and home. If you shoot competitions like IDPA or “Three Gun” matches don’t feel left out as the instructors will adjust their method of training to give you a competitive edge.

Course Highlights:
· Firearms Safety
· Developing a tactical platform (Shooting Stance)
· Sight Alignment and Sight Picture Under Duress
· Trigger Control
· Double Tap Drills
· Magazine Changes (Administrative and Tactical)
· The Four Main Firing Positions
· Use of Cover
· Immediate Action (Clearing a Malfunction)
· Rifle to Pistol Transition
· Multiple Target Engagement
· Movement Shooting

Equipment List:
· Signed Waiver
· Primary Weapon (Carbine)
· Tactical Sling (recommended)
· Pistol (not required but recommended)
· Holster
· 3 Magazines Rifle and Pistol
· 500 Rounds Rifle 300 Rounds Pistol
· Ear and Eye Protection
· Firearms Cleaning Kit
· Sun Screen / Foul Weather Gear (Contingent on time of year)
· Hat
· Sun Glasses
· Water / Gatorade / Snacks / Lunch

(PRICE) $165.00

The Tactical Pistol Course is $125.00 per person. The description and equipment required to attend is as follows:

The Tactical Pistol takes your personal skills to a new level. From the sound building blocks of a basic class, the student learns to engage targets while moving, use cover to his advantage,and begin to build fluidity into movement and CQB scenarios. The pressure is turned up as the student hones his skill set on shoot-no shoots, and room clearing. Correct threat assessment and movement while engaging targets are integral parts of this class. As the student progress and learns to piece individual skills together into action, he will be presented with scenarios which will test his weapons ability as well as his ability to deal with stressful situations.

Course Highlights
Firearms Safety
Warm up
Magazine Changes
Immediate Action (Clearing a Malfunction)
Drawing the Pistol
Time Drills
Use of Cover
Target Acquisition
Multiple engagement drills
Room clearing drills
Movement Shooting


Equipment List

Signed Waiver
Primary Weapon
3 Magazines
500 Rounds Pistol
Ear and Eye Protection
Firearms Cleaning Kit
Sun Screen / Foul Weather Gear (Contingent on time of year)
Sun Glasses
Water / Gatorade
Snacks / Lunch
(PRICE) $165.00

If you attend both there would be a discount.

From reading the Oklahoma posts, the best place to hold these courses would be Red Castle. Shoot me an email or IM if any of the Oklahoma crew is interested.

These courses are exciting, fun and extremely informative.

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