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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/8/2003 7:13:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/8/2003 7:16:29 PM EST by sharky30]
hope you don't mind a yankee posting in here
I have family from Greenwood so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. Saw this posted at another site

ABBEVILLE, S.C. - Just after 9AM an Abbeville County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot and killed as attempted to serve a warrant. The shooting took place at a home located at the intersection of State Hwy 72 and Union Church Road just a few miles west of downtown Abbeville. The State Law Enforcement Division’s (SLED’s) SWAT Team was called in to work what is called “an active situation” at the location on Union Church Road.

FOX Carolina’s Michael Cable reported that SLED agents were currently trying to contact Steve Bixby, the suspect believed to have shot and killed 63-year-old Constable Donnie Ouzts this morning as he was serving a warrant on Bixby. Officials say that the warrant was for Bixby to give over the right of way of his property to the state so Hwy 72 could be widened from 2-lanes to 4-lanes. Neighbors and friends of Steve Bixby said that Bixby did not want to forfeit 10-feet of his front yard so the road could be widened.

Officials are urging residents to stay away from this area until the situation has been resolved. Schools near the scene were kept on lockdown for most of the day, businesses near the area were closed, and even the press was kept out of “line of sight” of the house.

“The whole beef is his property; with the widening of the road. He was not willing to relinquish his property or sell it. The whole time he’s been causing problems with the state who have been trying to get things done. I’ve talked to him twice and he is very avid about having his property; he’s to the extreme. He said ‘If anybody tries to take my property, they’ll have to take it out of my cold dead hands,’” said Trey Snipes, a neighbor of the suspect.

More than 6 hours into this standoff, SLED agents have not been able to contact Steve Bixby via phone or bullhorn. He has not met any request to come out or contact them. Right now the standoff is still active and is a very dangerous situation.

Police are confirming that 63-year-old magistrate Donnie Ouzts, who served many years on for the Abbeville Sheriff’s Department, was shot and killed earlier this morning. What officials are not confirming is that another deputy that was with Deputy Ouzts this morning to serve the warrant, has not been accounted for. FOX Carolina has learned his name, but since his whereabouts is not confirmed, we are not releasing it at this time.

Officials have told FOX Carolina that they do not want anyone else hurt in this standoff, so they had a 3-hour “cooling off” period where they did not attempt to make contact with the suspect. After that, an Urban Assault Vehicle made a few passes around the house where the suspect is holed up as a ‘show of force.’ We’re told that SLED agents were asked to get their night vision goggles, which leads us to believe that they are here for the long haul.

Link Posted: 12/11/2003 10:55:51 AM EST
i run into this some as i work with the DOT here.
i see some folks point, as i have always had a problem with any kind of forced annexation or condemnation procedure.
however, we've also built nice improved country roads with these little unpaved bottlenecks in them where mr. so-and-so wouldn't sign the right of way agreement. i guess it depends on whether they're taking all your front yard or just part of the edge!
also, occasionally these same guys are the first ones to call and bitch becuase there is ice and snow still in front of their place because of the tree canopy or they can't sell the old homeplace because "the road never was finished in front of it".
the DOT needs to be sensitve to peoples land rights and on the flip side, people need to take appropriate action in communicating with the engineers, local politicians, grade crews etc.
killing someone over a road job is a hell of a way to waste their life and your future. it just isn't worth it.
i don't know but i suspect that the guy is either just a nut and they should have anticipated his reaction (never assume you can pull an andy taylor and just walk up there) and some young engineer/supervisor on a power trip probably added fuel to the fire with some arrogance. any more info?
Link Posted: 12/12/2003 3:11:42 PM EST
they got charged with murder, spouted off something about the NH constitution authorizing revolution
Link Posted: 12/13/2003 6:57:48 AM EST
couple of dips. how is killing the highway maintenance engineer or a deputy over a road job a noble act of revolution?
actually, stuff like this has occurred for the past 200 years now and then. tragic at anytime.
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