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Posted: 1/3/2007 12:57:12 PM EDT
These are ranked from first being best, and last being the last place i would go

Ed Karrer Gunatorium
5323 N Argonne Rd
Spokane, WA
(509) 924-3030

I have done FFL transfers, shipped out and received and asked them for advice or any questions.  They have been extremely helpful and polite.  Answering any questions whether dumb or puzzling even for them.  They have been patient and helpful even if I do not have a wad of cash in my hand.  This is my favorite gun shop and I place it #1.  

Northwest Pawn & Collector Arms
818 N Pines Rd
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
(509) 891-0990

I like this place as well.  Always greeted with a 'hey' or 'welcome' and they have a nice selection of used and new firearms.  Prices are good and is very helpful with any questions I have had.  Always polite and answers questions.  Even if I am not buying anything that day, or even if my $4 dollar ammo purchase I am treated like someone that just bought $5000 dollars in merchandise.  

White Elephant Surplus Stores - 1.2 miles NE - 1730 N Division St, Spokane, 99207 - (509) 328-3100

White Elephant Surplus Stores - 8.8 miles E - 12614 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, 99216 - (509) 924-3006

Have great deals on firearms.  Pretty close to cost and they can have almost any firearms overnighted from their distributor, well the ones that I have asked for they have been able to.  Great prices on cleaning supplies, knowlegable staff, and alot of stuff similar to sportsmans warehouse is almost 1/2 the price.  all new firearms.

All American Arms
4823 E Sprague Ave # 2E
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 536-3834

I like to go to this shop once in a while.  They have a nice collection of used and new firearms.  Some of the new guns are a bit on the high end, but I realize they need to cover their expenses.  There is usually a table of random stuff at a decent price.  The FFL fees are ridiculous so I never bothered going through them.  I have bought a few rifles and shotguns though because the price was right.  Hand gun and scope is a small, but good shelved collection.  

Center Target Sports

only been there once, but they have a really nice indoor range.  well ventilated.  has a tactical section which you can preset to have your target from XX distance move forward like if an attacker were to be running at you, do left and right faces, etc.  kinda neat and they have a keypad where you can specify exactly what distance you want your target.  nice helpful staff.  cheap reloaded ammo.  targets are EXPENSIVE $1 each!  i was not too happy about that.  15 dollars for non member, 10 military.  nice gun selection and holsters.  archery range too.  backstop rated for 50BMG, but 223 is highest rifle caliber allowed.  25 yard max distance

Sportsman's Warehouse #107
14014 E. Indiana Ave.
Spokane, WA 99216-1451
(509) 891-1900

The best selection in spokane, sorry to say it but probably the dumbest staff in spokane.  some of the guys behind the counter dont know the difference between a wheel gun and a auto loader.  I asked about if they shipped guns out because I thought they were a FFL dealer and the guy behind the counter replied, 'whats a FFL'.  After that I kinda lost all respect for the gun counter sales people.  Granted, he may have been new, but he looked mid 30's just thought FFL was pretty basic.  I usually have a part that I am looking for and they can usually find it, but any technical questions I have waited to ask on forums.  Prices are pretty good on firearms, some are higher than others, but I dont think there is a huge marketup for that.  Ammo is a bit on the high end.  Walmart is much cheaper.  

Wal-Mart: Store Information - 5.2 miles E - 15727 E Broadway Ave, Spokane Valley, 99037 - (509) 922-8868

Good for ammo thats about it.  Dont bother trying to get any answers from the walmart 'staff' in the guns.  pretty basic collection of guns there, all new and just long guns.  small cleaning/scope area.  

Brock's Gunsmithing Inc
2104 North Division Street, Spokane, WA 99207

Prices are kinda high for regular gun parts or add ons.  I hear a pretty good gun smith but expensive.  Nice and helpful staff.

Big 5 Sporting Goods - Spokane
7501 North Division Street, Spokane, WA 99208

Big 5 Sporting Goods - Spokane
5725 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Long guns, staff doesnt really know much about them.  Ammo is pricey.  Ocassionally good deals on surplus rifles.  

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range - 2.7 miles W - 1200 N Freya Way, Spokane, 99202 - (509) 535-4444

Ammo is expensive, 16 dollars for non-member for a day of shooting.  under 18 can shoot pistols which is nice.  good rental gun selection for $5.  targets are cheap.  staff is pretty helpful and there is a gunsmith on site, never talked with him before and not sure of his work/quality.  knives and other add ons like tac lights, etc.  kinda expensive, but not too bad if you need it that day vs internet sales.  i had the feeling they were trying to get me to leave during the summer beucase there was no ventiliation lol i was sweating and all there was in shooting area was a dinky fan.  

General Store - 5.0 miles W - 2424 N Division St, Spokane, 99207 - (509) 444-8000

This is on the very bottom of my list for a reason!  I was looking around just when I started getting into firearms.  I would be there waiting to ask a question but was ignorned.  i wrote down the model that i was looking at and started to get on the forums because no one there was going to help me.  so i go back a few more times to get prices and what not.  eventually i gather enough information to purchase my first gun.  i go in there like usual, but again not getting any real help.  if i did get help after waiting at the counter, i would get a rushed answer and felt like i was inconviencing them.  i know young adults may not be taken seriously but asking basic questions they were extremely rude and made me feel like an idiot for asking.  when purcashasing a gun for the first time and not knowing much, they sure did not start off right.  well i figured i am already there so i purcahsed the rifle.  amazing how they started to bullshit and help me, they sure did help me...i ended up with a bag of cleaning shit that i did not need.  the most expensive oil, random parts for the cleaning rod which already came in the cleaning kit box, but i didnt know anything so i bought it.  i have called once in a while to get a quote on a price, when i was very rudely told, 'hey why dont you just come in i dont have time for this stuff'.  well frankly i was only on the phone for no more than 3 minutes when told this and asking questions because i was truly looking for a 1911.  well, that was the last time i called or even stepped foot in that store.  i called white elephant and they were glad to help me.  general store prices are about 50-80 dollars too high.  ammo is mid-highly priced.  used guns are pieces of shit that they sometimes get from police raids.  as you can tell, i prefer to purcahse from places that will take the time to talk, im not saying sitting down for 30 minutes, but answering questions and helping you try and find what you are looking for even if you are not going to buy something.  

This has been my experience.  you can form your own opinion on the gun shops.  

Link Posted: 1/3/2007 4:12:17 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/3/2007 4:14:09 PM EDT by tangeant]
What about " Dave's Gun Museum " ? Didn't make the list ?

NWPCA is the best store in town, best prices on used guns with good cust service.

White-E is the best for ordering new guns.

ED's was a good store 20 yrs ago but kinda blows chunks since Ed croaked...

I don't do much Business with Terry anymore at AAA, his prices blow, his ffl fee and consignment fees are ridiculous and the " Terry mystery silent auction " put a gun on the rack with no price BS fishing for the highest offer crap .

I still miss the Sportsmans Surplus .
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