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Posted: 5/3/2015 10:15:45 PM EDT
The wife and I just spent a week in the hill country near Vanderpool.  God I love that area.  Rented a house and did absolutely nothing.  It was nice to be able to go sit on the porch and not be bothered by neighbors or other assorted idiots.

We drove up through Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville area.  Have to say it is some of the most beautiful country I've seen.  I really liked Kerrville.  Big enough to have lots of amenities but small enough not to be over crowded.  I'm wondering what it is like to live just outside of Kerrville?   I'm toying with the idea of buying some acreage in that area and moving there when I retire. Raise a few cattle to supplement my income.  Would like to be within a half hour drive of Kerrville.  If you live in that are let me know what you think of it.  My main concerns are the price of property and the water situation (still in drought from what I read).  Any problems with wells drying up?

I will inherit about 50 acres near Schulenburg.  We were planning on moving there when we retired.  The family farm is about 100 acres so half would go to me and half to my brother.  Up until this year he had no interest in doing anything with the farm.  His two boys got into FFA the last few years and now he wants to run the place.  Thinks he's going to be able run cattle up there when he lives at least an hour away.  Only plans on going up there on the weekends. I think he forgets what a pain in the butt cattle can be.  Started talking about building on the farm.  I put a stop to that real quick.  Told him if he was going to build then we needed to talk about who was taking which part before anything was done.  He got a bit butt hurt over that.  Didn't want to split it up.  Ummm...no. Not going to have a deed in both our names.  Can't get a loan to build a house if we both own the land.  Not going to lose the place where I plan on living out my years because he does something stupid and gets sued.  Just...no.  Thinking it may be better to just have him buy me out and look for land elsewhere.  Hence....Kerrville area.
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