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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/12/2006 11:36:21 AM EST
Riley, a 14-month old American Shepherd mix. House trained 100%, and is good with sit/stay/come commands. He weighs 78 pounds his last vet visit (2 months ago) and is in excellent heath with no hip problems and all of his shots. He's fixed, too. Great with kids, but he likes to jump, so that would need to be broken if you have smaller children. His leash training is good, but he does have the tendency to pull if he has to pee real bad or gets his attention elsewhere.

He's good with other animals, but he really, really likes to play. I mean he REALLY likes to play. My other dog can't take a shit without Riley messing with her. Saying this dog is hyper is as big an understatement as saying I'm skinny and ugly. And there inlies my problem. I can't give him the attention and running around he needs.

He really is a good dog. I got him from the pound, but I had no idea at the time he'd need so damn much attention. I wanted a bite dog, but he doesn't have the temperment or attention span for it. He'll never be a protection dog, but he's a great family pet. He LOVES rope tug of war with the kids, doesn't get into the trash ever, and knows the difference between the "playing" voice commands and the military voice, "NO!!!!!"

It's just not fair I keep him. He needs someone who can spend time with him and exercise him. I agonized over this, but he has to go. No charge, of course, but I want to know for a FACT he's going to a good home.

Here's some pics:

Anyone looking for a healthy, happy, hyper puppy for their home? Please? He's free, but I want to chat with you face to face before I let him to your care.

Oh, and I am on I-17 and the Loop 101 in North Phoenix.
Link Posted: 1/12/2006 7:01:30 PM EST
Rich, what is his mix? Looks to be a little Pit. Don't know if you remember me but you got rock from my place (Chandler)

Does he digs, chews, knaws, etc.?
Link Posted: 1/12/2006 7:41:46 PM EST
Hey bro. Didn't remember you by screen name, but do now. Good to see you're staying safe. Did you know Camy made it into MCSO, and will soon be testing for PPD? She's working night shift at 4th Ave jail as I type.

The pound said he was mixed with Pit, but the vet disagreed. Myself, I see pit. But he has definately grown more into the Shepherd look than the pit, and his structure fits the AS line. The pound actually said he was 50/50 pit and GS, but you can tell from the pics they were full of it. So it's kind of a gussing game, LOL.

Ho doesn't dig at all, and there was one time he chewed one of my baseboards and a pillow (about 6 months ago, give or take). I disciplined him and he hasn't done it since, but we also keep him equipped with ropes that he loves to play with, so I'm sure the rope keeps any chewing relegated to what he knows as "his" toys. I would venture that without his toys he'd find something that was fun to eat, but almost all dogs are like that.

He hasn't an aggressive bone in his body and took to my status as alpha in days. Doesn't bark or growl unless you stare at him, which is a game he loves to play: you stare, he crouches and barks and then rears up like a polar bear and then runs away - then he comes back and wants you to stare at him again. Leave it to me to pick a retarded dog He and Ranger (my female lab) get along great, but she was so abused as a pup she just wants to be left alone and hates going outside. Riley, on the other hand, hates being inside. Give him a stuffed animal and a big yard, and he'll entertain you all day running around like a retard throwing the stuffed animal up in the air and catching it and ripping it apart.

Oh, and he L O V E S TV! Turn on the animal planet and he growls at all the animals and then runs around the television trying to figure out where they went when the scene changes.

I love this dog, bro, and he needs to have the best home. I know you'll give him just that, but if you're asking for a friend or anything I need to meet with them and chat before I'll agree to release him. Don't take that the wrong way - I know you're a great guy and your animals have life by the balls. I'm sure you'd never recommend anyone who wasn't the same. But Riley is family, and I just... I need to know for myself, you know?

I'll spring for a chip if you want before I release him.
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 1:27:14 AM EST
Let me "PAW" it over with Mrs. Robo and I'll let you this weekend.

Say hi to Camy.
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 5:44:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/13/2006 6:54:53 PM EST by azcopwannabee]
Dude I love dogs!

He sounds awesome, but alas, I have a yard that is smaller than a sheet of plywood.:(

Good luck man.
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 7:22:55 PM EST

I have a hyper active golden that needs a hyper active playmate.

Link Posted: 1/14/2006 10:29:15 AM EST
Good luck Richard, I'll put the word out but I'm sure one of the guys here will end up taking him.

Link Posted: 1/14/2006 11:02:06 AM EST
Thank you guys, very much. Riley is a great dog and has been a great friend. Had this job come through, I might have been OK to keep him in a new house. As much as I hate to lose him, I have to for his sake. I appreciate your good thoughts.
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 7:51:31 PM EST
He sounds like the perfect dog for a lonely 12 year old boy.

I know mine was!! My best buddy for years.

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