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Posted: 3/25/2017 3:50:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/25/2017 3:52:02 PM EDT by Zabojca]
Was at Carlos o Kelly's (Mason City) for lunch with my wife and two kids, 4 & 8. My 8 yr old is autistic and they were really busy so we had to wait. He handled it really well. Finally sit down, and order and we start playing tic tac
Toe to pass the time etc. the 4 yr was having a rough time but also doing well. Have meal and the guy sitting at the table next to us,also with 2 kids gets up to leave and mentions that the kids were well behaved and that we are doing good job as parent. We thank him, make small talk and he leaves. Waitress come to bring the check and let's us know that he paid for the meal. No idea who the guy was even, and would have liked to thank him. We try to discipline the kids and make them mind. It's difficult sometimes but we try. So if you are out there, thanks for the meal and the compliment
Link Posted: 3/25/2017 7:32:43 PM EDT
There are some good people left in this world.

I work in the county courthouse and walked to a local eatery for lunch yesterday, with two other co-workers.

When we got there, my keen senses and trained observer skills noticed a woman staring at us. Not too

unusual, cuz we deal with a lot of people every day. After we stood in line for a bit...busy place, I noticed

this same woman come up to the counter again and spoke with the cashier. Kinda odd, but may be she need another napkin or something.

We finally got to the order taker, and she said that this would all be on the same check. I told her that, no, it

would be separate. She said no, that it was all one order, as it had already been paid for. I asked by who' so

we could thank them. She said it was anonymous. I used my sharp, skilled, highly trained interrogative

skills, and asked her if I was to guess who it was, would she tell me? She told me that she didn't know who

it was, as SHE didn't leave her name. I therefore deduced that it indeed was a female, and probably the

same one I had seen giving us the eye. Also not unusual, because we ARE very dashing men.

I looked for her to tell her thanks, but she was gone. (I hope she went back and paid for it though.)

I highly doubt that this woman is reading this, but Iwould still like to thank her for the treat.

P.S. I read back through this and it sorta sounded like a Sherlock Holmes story, right?
Page Hometown » Iowa
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