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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:24:12 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 10:27:38 AM EST by Lazyshooter]
Click on "Watch Part 3 of the Debate", and there is a question asked about assault weapons.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 10:49:00 AM EST
Topinko looks like she's lieing through her teeth. Maybe I just don't trust her.
Brady, Andy, and Oberweise sounded good, Gidwitz kinda scares me.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 12:42:36 PM EST
How about the bitch that asked the question? can you guess how she feels about the issue?

It looked like Gidwitz was nodding off when the went to him.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:27:33 PM EST
That guy Andy told Daley to go fuck himself. I love it. Never really heard of the guy though. I still like Brady. I don't think Topinka was lying, in this fucking state it takes guts for a politician who is supposedly a moderate to say they don't favor any new firearms laws IMHO.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 2:36:33 PM EST
If you would have sent me a link to that video and deleted all references to the state of Illinois, I would have never guessed that those were prospective Illinois elected representatives.

A+ on all of them.

Sure, there were some very minute things here and there; some of the nomenclature used, some of the ways certain points were presented, etc, but all in all i'd be joyous if any one of them were elected.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 2:44:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 2:45:20 PM EST by Lazyshooter]

Originally Posted By Nate7out:
That guy Andy told Daley to go fuck himself. I love it. Never really heard of the guy though. I still like Brady. I don't think Topinka was lying, in this fucking state it takes guts for a politician who is supposedly a moderate to say they don't favor any new firearms laws IMHO.

Here's some info. about that guy Andy Martin from The Daily Herald, Mar. 9th:

Perennial hopeful not running from past
By Eric Krol
Daily Herald Political Writer
Posted Thursday, March 09, 2006

He’s run for the legislature, Chicago mayor, Congress, U.S. Senate and even president in several states as both a Republican and a Democrat.

He has been criticized for making anti-Semitic remarks, was refused a law license due to Illinois Supreme Court concerns he suffered paranoid delusions of grandeur, and faced a 12-year federal mail fraud sentence before his conviction was overturned.

He’s Andy Martin, and he’s running for the Republican governor nomination in the March 21 primary. Illinois Republican Chairman Andy McKenna Jr. — who successfully got Martin booted from the ballot when he and Martin both filed for the 2004 U.S. Senate primary ballot — chose not to challenge Martin’s nominating petitions for the 2006 primary.

As a result, Illinois voters are experiencing Martin’s self-styled brand of populism.

“They should take me seriously because I’m the only candidate that’s fought corruption and has fought the heat of retaliation,” Martin said when asked about his past during a Chicago Public Radio/Daily Herald debate.

Martin takes credit for everything from helping bounce two state Supreme Court justices from the bench for corruption to helping the United States find Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Those claims come more than three decades after the state’s high court denied Martin, a University of Illinois graduate, a law license. The court cited a military psychiatric profile of Anthony R. Martin-Trigona, as he was known then, which found he had a “moderately severe character defect manifested by a well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character,” according to news accounts.

The litigious Martin has been barred from filing lawsuits in Florida without the court’s permission.

A 1980s run-in with a bankruptcy court on the East Coast led him to refer to a judge in court filings as a “crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”

Martin went on to write that he understood better why the Holocaust took place, given that “Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property.”

When asked about the comments today, Martin does not deny them.

“You have to understand, that, at the time that was written, I had been jailed illegally,” he told Chicago Public Radio. “When lawyers file court pleadings, you’re taking it out of context. And the context of the argument was that there was religious bias in the bankruptcy courts.”

Still, Martin says anti-Semitism is a horrible thing.

“I am not an anti-Semite, not in the least,” Martin said during his radio interview. “But I do not like hypocrisy. And when I see one group of people meeting in secret, stealing people’s property in the bankruptcy courts …”

According to one of his numerous Web sites, Martin, 60, has his own communications firm. He opposes the death penalty and favors the legalization of medical marijuana. He told Chicago Public Radio he opposes a Chicago casino but supports funding health care for the poor. He listed his top priority as fighting corruption and said that as governor, he’d explain to people the need for “shared sacrifice” to get the state back on its financial feet.

Martin is running a radio ad blasting front-running Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka as part of the culture of corruption in Springfield. And the League of Women Voters allowed him to participate in its Wednesday debate on WLS/ABC-7, so voters likely have heard him.

“Someone called me today and asked why I was running,” Martin said in a news release. “‘Why, to win, of course,’ I replied.”

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 3:01:57 PM EST
yeah martin was pretty damned good. i am still a supporter of brady not that oberweis is all that bad either. i just pray that topinka don't make it. i got my picture taken with her in grade school and she said she'd send my whole class a copy of her with us-you know that bitch never did. now i'm that bitter guy that checks his mail EVERY day to see if she sent me my picture. even if it has been about 10 years.....

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:35:24 PM EST
Brady #1

Oberweiss 2nd pick IMHO.

Just a thought: Alot of uninformed Illinois gun haters may vote for Brady merely as name recognition with regards to the "Brady Group" This will be good for us!

Dave W.
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