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Posted: 10/7/2004 8:19:46 AM EDT
Anywhere to shoot out in the pinelands?
Im assuming that I can NOT just take my .22 out 4 wheeling and shoot.

I usually take Rt206 and turn onto the logging road by the ranger station.
I have seen people hunting with shotguns out in the middle of the forest (Wharton)...
but Im guessing that is probably the only allowed thing out there.

Anyone ever take a .22 out there and just shoot?
Do the rangers care?

I cant possibly imagine why it should matter out in the middle of a forest,
but figured I would ask before I come over to NJ and get in a heap of trouble.

Thanks for whatever info you guys have.
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 2:27:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 1:49:11 PM EDT
Let me know when you want to shoot and you can come on over to my club on Rt.72E & Rt.539.

There is a public shooting area on Rt.539 S. on the right BUT I think you can only shoot what you can legally hunt with in NJ. For a .22 rifle that would require a NJ hunting rifle permit as FMjunkie has stated.
Don't even think of taking an evil rifle there OR just driving into the woods and shooting (I have done that but only when I was young and ignorant of the laws).

The C.O. in that area is Wayne Tommesen and he is a real P.I.T.A. when it comes to people in general and the shooting public.

Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:11:31 PM EDT
Thanks for the posts guys. I figured it was a lost cause. I love going out to the National Forest where there basically are no rules....shame its so damn far of a drive!

Oh well....at least I can still go off road
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