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Posted: 7/24/2021 8:50:39 PM EDT

OK, so some Iranian dude with a pistol just won a gold medal! Americans didn't even make it to the final round!

here's the right to left version for those who prefer to read Omar Khayyam in the original:

...and a few hours before that, some Chinese lady with a rifle won a gold

Technically, both were using BB guns, ummmm, air guns, made in europe that cost $2000-$4000! .22 & shotgun events come later.

There are 15 shooting events in the summer olympics (biathlon, skiing & shooting is a winter olympic event and 1 stage of modern pentathlon is "shooting" but they use a laser tag "gun" since they shoot in a horse barn).

There are 5 pistol, 5 rifle and 5 shotgun events. In each of those 3 variations, there are 2 mens, 2 women's and a mixed team event.

Air pistol and air rifle distance is 10m. .22 pistol is 25m and .22 rifle is 50m. Shotguns are all 12ga.

Typically 50 or so shooters shoot the qualifier round and the top 8 move on the final round.

sched and results will be here:

I'll post more from time to time.

The Shooting sports are like the ball sports, there are 100 different variations and they differ as much as ping pong does from Rugby.

I have tried a lot of different competitions, but I tend to spend most of my time on the precision or "bullseye" type rifle and pistol.

Olympic/International shooting is a bit different than what is popular here. Our National Matches, run by CMP and held at Camp Perry OH since 1907 have already started, the AZ team should be wrapping up Pistol, the AZ high power rifle team is either driving or will be flying in a few days. NRA high power rifle National Championships at Camp Atterbury start in a few days too, there will be AZ shooters there too! I'll post some of those results too!

There are precision (bullseye style) rifle and pistol matches and  club shoots all over AZ, run under NRA, CMP or USAShooting rules. (A member of PRGC shot the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.) We have ranges from 10m to 1000yds and even more for steel! There are also the action or steel type rifle, pistol and multi-gun matches run under IDPA, USPSA, PRS, NRL, iCORE, NRA or club rules all over AZ. And there are shotgun leagues for trap, skeet and sporting clays at the various ranges. There are even shoots & competitions for muzzleloaders and steel silhuette animals and cowboy guns etc.

When ammo becomes more available, if you want to get more active in the shooting sports there are lots of opportunities to shoot competition and formal club shoots all over AZ, just a few links:

Post, email or PM questions!

shoot good!

Link Posted: 7/25/2021 7:40:59 AM EDT
Thanks for the update. I think Team USA will do much better on the shotgun sports. Not sure how they will do with the rimfire since I haven't really paid attention to that.
Link Posted: 7/25/2021 11:37:48 AM EDT
Mr. Poole deserves an award for his commitment to shooting sports and the work that he does for Arizonans in particular.  We are really lucky to have such a good guy doing all that he can to grow the shooting sports in our state.

Link Posted: 7/25/2021 6:04:55 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By musicman10_1:
Mr. Poole deserves an award for his commitment to shooting sports and the work that he does for Arizonans in particular.  We are really lucky to have such a good guy doing all that he can to grow the shooting sports in our state.

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Thanks for the kind words!
Link Posted: 7/25/2021 6:05:30 PM EDT

US shooter Will Shaner won gold in 10m Rifle (air rifle)


The qualifier round is 60 shots in about 2 hours I think, all STANDING, wearing that heavy coat. The target, 10 meters away, has an aiming black which is about 1.5" diameter (I don't remember how many millimeters) but the 10 "ring" is just a dot, if the pellet (4.5mm = 0.177") touches that dot you get 10 points, if it is exactly centered over the dot you get 10.9 points (all the scoring "rings" are really subdivided into 10 more finer rings, that's why the reported scores have decimal values)

Rio Salado has an indoor olympic style Air Rifle program, its mostly youth I think, we used have an adult olympic hopeful shooting Air Rifle nearly every day at the indoor range at PRGC but after he bought a house, he can now shoot indoors).

Women's Air pistol (all olympic events separate men & women or combine them as a team) qual & final rounds were today too. Russian lady won it. Of the 53 entering the qual the 2 Americans were 38th and 49th place, only the top 8 advance to the finals.


Link Posted: 7/25/2021 6:19:37 PM EDT
The Skeet qualifier rounds for both Men and Women were fired today, Americans are near the top and should move to day 2 of qualifer  tomorrow and then hopefully the finals!

Olympic trap and skeet are kinda like the American version of each but I think they throw the clays faster.

You can shoot American Skeet at Ben Avery or Tucson Trap & Skeet club
Rio Salado has American trap but no skeet. Avery has both American and International trap and Tucson has the american and international versions of both. (all 3 have sporting clays which is not an olympic event).


ya'll shoot good!


Link Posted: 7/25/2021 6:33:25 PM EDT

Here's a great article about an olympic rifle shooter who is in Tokyo. (written by writer who is also a competitive shooter)

Her event: .22 rifle, 50 meter, 3 position (standing, prone, kneeling), will start Saturday 31-July.

In the article, they refer to her earlier shooting as a teenageron the California Gizzlies Junior High Power Rifle team.

The Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team is called the SCORPIONS

(website is a bit out of date) They are sponsored by ASRPA http://asrpa.com/

The Scorpions and the AZ adult team (sponsored by PRGC) are heading to Camp Perry for the National Matches next week! Picture 1000+ shooters shoulder to shoulder shooting AR-15's from 200, 300 and 600 yds, standing, sitting and prone, slow fire and rapid fire....

Here are pictures from the 2019 Nationals

This is my sport, and I'm actively recruiting new shooters! contact me if you're interested in getting involved in this or any other shooting competition!

Shoot good!

Link Posted: 7/25/2021 9:22:40 PM EDT
PRGC got rid of the youth program
Link Posted: 7/25/2021 9:23:19 PM EDT
PRGC got rid of the youth program
Link Posted: 7/25/2021 9:41:34 PM EDT
PRGC had a .22 youth program off and on for decades, right now its off, but when they find a new director and attentive participants, they will start it back up. Any volunteers? contact the club president via the club website!

PRGC has one of the most active NRA/CMP Service Rifle programs in the state and has for several years sponsored the Adult AZ team to Camp Perry.

The Arizona State Junior High Power Rifle Team, the "Scorpions", is sponsored by ASRPA, they shoot NRA/CMP Service Rifle  most of the coaches are members of PRGC or Rio Salado.

Link Posted: 7/27/2021 12:08:36 AM EDT

Yesterday US won TWo gold medals in Skeet. Men's Skeet AND Women's Skeet!





US did not get into the finals in the men/women mixed team for Air Pistol. Air Rifle qualifier is probably being shot as I type this!

In other news, Arizona rifle team members are arriving at Camp Perry for the national matches! And pistol team members are arriving home!

more to follow!

ya'll shoot good

Link Posted: 7/27/2021 11:45:18 AM EDT

US wins bronze in mixed (1 man teamed with 1 woman) team 10 meter Air Rifle. Beat the Russians but got beat by the Chinese.

In other news.... CMP is wrapping up long range 1000yd prone shooting at Camp Perry, OH with any-sight (scope permitted, no rest or bipod, coat & sling only) today and tomorrow.

And NRA F-class (scope, sandbags or bipod, no sling) is all week his week at Camp Atterbury IN. Many of the regular Ben Avery F-class shooters are there right now!

more to follow!

ya'll shoot good!

Link Posted: 7/29/2021 1:40:57 AM EDT

not much to report from the Tokyo olympics shooting results, but the womens trap final is just now starting as I write this and one American made it into the final round, so in an hour or two we'll know how she did.

Some of the AZ team at Camp Perry OH are posting on FB and results are up from the CMP matches that lead up to the National Matches. 3 days of 80-shot service rifle (200-300-600yd, standing-sitting-prone, slow fire & rapid fire) 800 would be a perfect score, lost of scores in the 795 range, didn't see any Arizona names next to those scores.


At the NRA F-class Nationals at Camp Atterbury IN, the 1000 yd Fclass 2-day matches they have 2 variants, "target rifle" that's .308 or .223 with bipod. and "open" that allows any caliber (up to some limit) with sandbag type rest. Big scopes on all the guns. I see AZ names in 2nd place for TR and an AZ teenage girl was first place on day one and 3rd place for the 2 day in open category!


I saw that write up about her at

lets see if this posts:

to me (I don't shoot F-class) it kinda seems like benchrest but lying on the ground. big, accurate rifles, big scopes, bipods or sandbag type rests.

If you think you wanna try it, pretty much any of the modern crop of varmint/tactical/"chassis" long range rifles will do if you have a scope with twisty knobs. Get a zero at the public range and then use a ballistic table to figure out your 500 or 600 yd come-up and you'll be on paper (the paper is 6 foot square in this sport).

start at a 500 yd shoot at PRGC or Rio Salado, then go to the 1000yd shoots at Ben Avery.

Desert Sharpshooters often run beginner-friendly shoots at the 600yd line at Ben Avery.

https://phoenixrodandgun.org/    (prgc)
https://www.rsscaz.com/     (rio)
http://www.desertsharpshooters.com/    (avery)
https://www.roadrunnerrifleclub.com/     (avery or rio)

Post, PM or email questions.

ya'll shoot good!

[email protected]
Link Posted: 7/29/2021 2:50:45 AM EDT
Looks like Kayle Browning (what a great last name for a shooter!) got the silver medal in women's Trap.


The Slovak got gold and the lady from San Marino got bronze. How many of you know where San Marino is?

I just found these from skeet a coupla days ago

there are more shooting videos on that page, they'll probably add today's trap soon.

ya'll shoot good!

[email protected]
Link Posted: 7/31/2021 2:36:21 AM EDT

Women's 3-position rifle at the Olympics the qualifier stage was today, American shooter Sagen Maddalena is in 2nd place going into the finals in a few hours.


Olympic 3-Position is Standing, prone and Kneeling at 50m with a .22 rifle with iron sights. Women shoot 40-shots per position, men 60 shots per position.

an article about her:

In trap, the mixed team event finals US team came in 3rd place.

national trophy matches at Camp Perry are all next week. Stand by for results!

ya'll shoot good

Link Posted: 8/8/2021 3:57:38 PM EDT

In my last update before heading to Camp Perry, I noted that American rifle shooter Sagen Maddelena finished the qualifier high enough to enter the finals.

She came in 5th place in the finals!

This was Olympic 3-Position consisting of Standing, prone and Kneeling at 50m with a .22 rifle with iron sights.

That same day in the Mixed team Trap match, Americans Madelynn Ann  Bernau and Brian Burrows won bronze!


In men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol no Americans made the finals

Rapid fire pistol is as old as the modern olympics picture 5 target at 25 meters, with a .22 in one hand, put 1 shot on each of them in 4 seconds!

Same day, Men's 3 position rifle, no American's made it into the finals.

Come on guys! there are a disturbing number of Chinese, Russians, Cubans and Europeans winning medals in shooting! We're the one's with the 2nd Amendment! Shooting is OUR National Sport, right? Get out and practice and compete!

OK, maybe those silly Olympic shooting games aren't really "our" national sport.... there's no AR-15's!

At Camp Perry OH last week, there were nearly a THOUSAND shooters with AR-15s! I'll write up about those matches in another thread! Watch for them later today or in the next few days! Also more write ups and photos will appear on my website http://arizona-rifleshooting.com/ (where you can also read my write up and see pictures of Camp Perry 2019!)

Ya'll shoot good!

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