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Posted: 10/5/2004 12:54:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/5/2004 12:55:17 PM EDT by M4]
(Provided by the Oregon Firearms Federation web page)O.F.F. Alerts Link

House Democrat Committee Sends False Mailers.
City Councilman Calls For Semi-Auto Ban.

The anti-gun nuts, stung by the end of the Clinton gun ban, have begun to hyper-ventilate. And as you know, when their lips are moving, they're lying.

In a hit piece intended to discredit a Republican running for the Oregon House, "FuturePac," the mouthpiece for the House Democrats, has sent a mailing attacking Republican candidate Suzanne Gallagher.

Gallagher is running for House District 35 (Tigard) against Democrat Larry Galizio.

"Quoting" our candidate survey they claim "Suzanne Gallagher told a right wing gun group that she would oppose any reasonable restrictions on where unlicensed, concealed weapons could be carried---even in schools."

As far as we're concerned that's a great idea, but Gallagher never said anything of the kind. "FuturePAC" is , to no one's surprise, lying.

Our candidate survey, does not even contain a question about guns in schools, and unlicensed carry in schools is prohibited by Federal law. So the desperation on the part of the freedom haters is becoming more and more pronounced.

Rachel Albers (503-646-0441) who handles press for Galizio, attempted to explain the lies by saying that Gallagher had answered the survey opposing extending new restrictions on concealed carry. But as we said, this has nothing to do with schools, where unlicensed carry is forbidden under Federal law.

Galizio's website contains the following quote “It's unfortunate that our opponent doesn't value open, accountable campaigns that are focused on the issues,” We think it's unfortunate that Galizio stands behind the lies told by "FuturePAC."
The liars at Future PAC can be reached at 503-249-0457.
Larry Galizio, who was the beneficiary of the lies, can be reached at (503)516-1101 or (503)646-0441.

Anti-gun Portland City Councilman Jim Francesconi, trying to deflect attention from the beating he's been taking in the Portland Mayor's race, (from anti-gun ex-police chief Tom Potter) has issued a resolution requesting that semi-automatic firearms be banned in Oregon.
A portion of the text appears below.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Portland City Council calls on the Oregon Legislature to ban assault weapons from the State of Oregon.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, should the State Legislature prove unable to pass a statewide assault-weapons ban, the Portland City Council calls on them to create a law allowing local governments to enact their own such ban within their local boundaries.

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