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Posted: 5/27/2009 10:44:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/13/2009 6:49:37 AM EST by Rovert]

Dear fellow patriots,

Many of you are familiar with the Second Amendment March. We are proud to announce that the NJCSD has been named as the Official Sponsor of the SAM for the Garden State. We will be responsible for coordinating Town Hall style events around the state and with your help and support, I know that this will be a history-making series of events.

The first such Town Hall event will be held on July 17th (Fri) at 7PM at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Teaneck campus. Other venues will be announced as they become available.

Skip Coryell, the founder of the SAM, will be flying in from Michigan to deliver a PowerPoint presentation called "The 2nd Amendment: Its Origin and Purpose", followed by discussion about logistics related to the Washington and Trenton marches.

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK ASAP to reserve your seat.

Those of you who would like to help promote the event with flyers, please let us know and we'll get some to you, or you can download the file from our website library and print them yourselves. The flyer can be found at this link here: PRINTABLE FLYER

Obviously if you can help fund the event by making a donation of as much as you're comfortable with - even just three or five bucks, we would be most grateful, as the FDU auditorium is not free. It is going to probably cost us in excess of $1000 to hold this one event between the cost of renting the auditorium, support services, event insurance and other expenses. You can make the donation by clicking here:

I've already heard from some gun owners that the drive to Bergen County is just "too far". I wonder where we'd be if Ethan Allen said to Washington "Wow, I'd really like to help 'ya out, George, but it's just too far." If you live within about an hour's drive, there's no excuse for not attending. If we wonder why our rights are under attack, it's because we're not willing to work as hard to defend them, as liberals are to steal them from us. This is a history-making event and it's a chance for you to be part of it. Please don't flake out. We really, really, need for this event to be well attended.

We've often said that we do what other organizations don't, won't, or can't. I hope the next time someone asks "What has the NJCSD done lately", that this is one more thing you can point to.

Yours in Liberty,
The NJCSD Management Team

Link Posted: 5/29/2009 4:44:20 AM EST
Bump for our rights.
Link Posted: 5/29/2009 4:51:21 AM EST
I am in !!

Who is comming ??

Link Posted: 6/13/2009 6:55:11 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/13/2009 6:56:31 AM EST by Rovert]
Brothers Of The Gun, we're in serious danger of this event being canceled due to lack of attendance.

With all the things going on in NY and NJ, I would think that gun owners would be falling all over ourselves to be there. If we consider for a moment the attention the Tea Parties got across our nation, how will it look to our brethren in other states if we in this area - the most densely populated in the nation - have to cancel because of our failure to motivate ourselves.

Won't you make a stand for your rights? It's only one evening out of 365 evenings in a year. Stop dawdling, and DO IT NOW!!! Call your friends. Arrange a carpool. Use our bulletin board to offer or seek a rideshare. Set the DVR to record that show you're so worried about missing. Tell your wife/SO that this is just something that needs to be done. Better yet, invite her! Just make it happen - period. Really, how hard can this possibly be? What else are you doing that night that's more important and that can't be rescheduled?

Yours in Liberty,
The NJCSD Management Team
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 2:51:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 4:00:27 AM EST
So no one from here is going?
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 4:23:57 AM EST
I am.
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 4:59:07 AM EST
One member?

I too am a part of this now as I have not registered to go - I am tired, angry, frustrated to the point of apathy.

We have met the enemy and he is us.
Link Posted: 6/17/2009 8:26:47 AM EST
I am in
Link Posted: 6/17/2009 12:43:01 PM EST
LOL....this is the biggest problem in NJ.

everyone talks a big game....but hides when its time to be counted....
Link Posted: 6/18/2009 12:46:34 AM EST
come on guys!
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