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Posted: 9/6/2004 4:08:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2004 4:08:56 PM EDT by longun45]
This map shows the proposed closure. The PIT and the area around it are covered by this. This is a closure to all recrational activity related to shooting and off roading. It has not closed YET!!!

www.sloancanyon.org/documents.asp will give you the time lines and things yet to happen.

What can you do to keep your recreation in Sloan.

Public input is very important. The BLM is sensitive to public pressure as long as the plan is NOT finalized. Once finalized it will be like it’s written in stone, and they won’t budge. The most effective is to show up at one of the meetings. Unfortunately, for many of us this is not possible. The next best action is to write a letter. Writing the letter will take 5 min and a $.37 stamp. (Yes, I know email is faster, but paper is tangible and shows a major interest.) Also a letter to one of the Nevada Senators, Reid and Ensign would not hurt either.

What will it cost you to not act, you will have to find alternate areas to shoot and ride in. They will be farther away, take more gas and more time to get to and to get back from. And the new areas will not be as good as Sloan is. When you get home write that letter and let your opinion be heard. You would be surprised how few voices it takes to be heard, make yours one of them. Acting in your best interests only makes sense, when that happens to coincide with saving pristine desert, it becomes a “no brainer”.

Send your comments to :
Bureau of land management
Charles H. Carroll
Las Vegas Field office
4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Don’t delay, let’s save our recreation and the desert and the same time. Get that letter into the mail.

Try and be specific about the area you want to keep open to shooting

The Sloan area has been home to recreational shooters for many years. The area east of Interstate 15 Exit 25 Sloan is very popular. Based on the observations of friends and myself since June, 2000, this portion of public land serves about 15,000 to 20,000 recreational shooters per year. It is well suited for recreational shooting. The hills west of the Sloan National Conservation Area 15 are natural made berms. There is no appreciable danger to anyone in the area as the nearest subdivisions and shopping centers are several miles east of these hills. The area is ideal for this activity and has been used safely for many years for just that purpose. Target and recreational shooting is generally confined to the east side of the area east of the hills south of the Interstate 15 Sloan Exit 25. Fathers take sons and daughters out to teach them how to shoot and handle firearms safely. The type of people who use the desert east of Sloan for this purpose come from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds.

For now the pit and the adjacent areas are open to shooting, they are not closed, yet.

Don’t delay, let’s save our recreation and the desert and the same time. Get that letter into the mail.
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 5:06:48 PM EDT
I will send a letter.

I'm not a NV resident but I shoot on BLM lands up in N. Nevada and all over Colorado and Arizona a couple of times a year. So I would be against any closures. I know what it's like to not have ANY public lands in my state (KS).
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