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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/24/2006 3:25:45 PM EST
Seems to be significant increase in the shootings in Saginaw. I know the south end & east side have been trouble areas. It sure seems to me much of this stuff is gang related.

Anyone closer to the situation have addition info?
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 3:29:28 PM EST
I lived in Saginaw for 8 years when I was a bit younger. I can tell you that it's been going that way for a long time.

It's been called 'Little Flint' more than once.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 12:25:23 PM EST
It used to be called "little detroit" 30 years ago. At least the crap is still staying on the east side of the river.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 2:32:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/25/2006 2:43:50 PM EST by JoblessWonder]
Very interesting election in Nov. The unions teamed up with the dems, GOP, and chamber to push a new slate for the city council. They endorsed only whites, and one hispanic who was adopted and raised white. One was a GOPer.

The reason was the stupidity of the old minority council. They laid off lots of cops in favor of funding black pastors for "social grants". Murders have been climbing for the last three years.

ETA: The violence is taking place (90%) in an area known as the "woods".

Saginaw is divided east and west by the river running north. The east side was surrendered to blacks and some hispanics many years ago as their area. The north side gang, centered near a mostly closed major rail yard, is fighting with the south gang, centered in an abandoned retail district. The "woods" are streets, mostly ending in "wood" or tree names, in the middle zone near the east side high school (ie. elmwood, oak...)

The police force was recently reduced by another 10 officers, leaving ~ 50 left for patrol duties (out of 90, including school, dets, command, task forces) That means about 8 per shift, four on each side of the river means 2 or 4 cars at any given time. All white cops are accused of racism at any black arrest (funny story: The white union pres told the city council last time they laid off cops that the dead cops blood, from the next shooting, would be on their hands. The black city council fired him again and started a state investigation of his racist threat to kill all black council members. It didn't really go anywhere because the conversation was on film).

The state police and adjoining township to the west, as well as the sheriff, have been helping a little, but mostly on the west side of the river to help hold the line for the west side. That means the east side is wide open, police wise, in the middle of a gang war.

Link Posted: 1/25/2006 4:25:38 PM EST
Major employer's are GM and Delphi. GM has 2 foundries and is closing one of them. Delphi has 2 plants and you all probably heard about the wage concessions that management is seeking. The future doesn't look too promising.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 8:35:01 PM EST
Not too many years ago I was looking for my first job on an ambulance. I went to Saginaw, Flint and Detroit; I wanted somewhere that would be busy to get some "street" experience. After traveling to all 3 places to pick up/drop off resumes, I never called back the HR people from Saginaw and Flint and went and worked in Detroit, it seemed the safest of them all.

Stay safe,
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 9:13:48 AM EST
I know a guy who works midnights on the east side at a factory. In the summertime he goes on lunch about 3 am, sits on a truck loading dock, and listens to the gang members shoot it out.
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 3:07:05 PM EST
The shooting that initiated all the recent shootings happened in a bar on the west side. Though most of the thuggery is happening on the east side, the boundries have been blurred. I personally have never had a problem there, but it is pretty rough.
RM223 out

Link Posted: 1/26/2006 3:46:58 PM EST
Yep, a westside bar changed their name to 'wiseguys', and opened a BBQ pit out back. The homes started running to it filling it up. The locals near the bar, most of whom are still employed, are pressuring the new council to shut it down.

This could be the test case to see if voting 'white' makes a difference, or if the new council is as stupid as the old council.
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 4:54:11 PM EST
I was in a band that played that bar a couple of times. It was rough then. In fact on night a guy got carried out on a strecher before our first song. He was in a coma for a month (or so I heard), and I think they caught the guy who stompped him. I think it used to be Molly McGuires (sp?)
Link Posted: 1/27/2006 5:21:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/28/2006 12:59:53 AM EST by JoblessWonder]

Originally Posted By rocketman223:
I was in a band that played that bar a couple of times. It was rough then. In fact on night a guy got carried out on a strecher before our first song. He was in a coma for a month (or so I heard), and I think they caught the guy who stompped him. I think it used to be Molly McGuires (sp?)

Yep, everyone except the idiots on the council knew changing the name and adding a BBQ would cause it to get worse.

Link Posted: 1/29/2006 6:32:57 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/29/2006 6:37:44 AM EST by spartan28]
Yes, I have lived in the wonderful city of Saginaw for the past 8 years (originally lived in Lansing for 21years). Do you know that Jennifer Granholm labeled us a COOL CITY? She even gave us a million dollar COOL CITY grant to fix up the east side of town. You would'nt think she should of been worried about keeping Auto Industry in Saginaw? Let me give you a summary of what Granholm did for Saginaw. Delphi went Bankrupt, Eaton (who makes engine parts) is moving to Mexico, And Crime is in the rise. But hey, We are a cool City.
As for all of the shootings around here, You would have to live on the south east side to know. Could be gangs, could be fighting over drugs. Not to long ago a 15 year old boy (who was shot and wounded 2 weeks previous) shot another boy at Saginaw High School. Also 6 people were shot at Wise Guys bar on State street ( 2 people were killed). Ever since then it seems there has been at least 1 to 2 shootings a night. Some nights people die and some nights they escape with non fatal gunshot wounds. But dont worry folks, The ATF is setting up shop in Saginaw. I hear on the radio that the ATF has a tip line. They urge people of Saginaw to call the tipline if THEY KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO MAY HAVE "ASSAULT WEAPONS". I bet the shootings will stop any day now
What Michigan needs is a good Republican Governer who can make this a Tax friendly state to do buissness in. Face it folks, jobs are moving out of MI because other States offer better Tax incentive. So this year why dont we all make some goals. Goal number 1, get Jennifer out of office. Goal number 2, get your CCW permits (and don't be afraid to defend yourself legally).
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